[Approved] Add Dacha to the MarketingDAO Council

Good morning

In the content provide:

  • Why you want to join the Council

Implementing community driven concept / idea. Now, nobody represents , second pillar, Near Community. Three councils from NF and two professionals: great Cryptocredit and hardworking AVB

  • What experience you have managing proposals on the forum

154 days visited
4 days read time
5 400 posts read
531 posts created

Analyze, manage almost every proposal in Marketing DAO from creations till ended result.

Actually, everyone know, but just couple, for instance

  • What value you will add

I pursue transparency and openness for everyone, encourage people who share same ideas, who believe in Web3, Near. Who don’t chase money here. Don’t like scammers.

Step-by-step invoke follow Community Etiquette It’s not easy, because we have some “privilege groups” here, but I strive and wanna say thanks to everyone who do it.

Represent many people and guild members. Our five proposals won on Community Choose Awards.

  • Anything else you believe to be of value

I do it as true Web3 believer, don’t need money and other privilege. Main goal is equal access to opportunities for every Near Community member. Simple and clean system of proposal’s approvals. No closed internal calls, everything should be on public.

Native in Russian, will be easy communicate with people form UA and RU (30% of proposals in Marketing DAO).

I work with Near Community members complaints.

In December I got 17 messages in drop box https://forms.gle/2HDw9Ua6UtkVRkhq7 and pm’s on TG @kmotiv .



Thank you for your proposal @Dacha

Adding @marketingdao-council for visibility


Good evening. Unfortunately, my 1st proposal on Marketing DAO is expired. Created a new one.


@grace @cryptocredit @satojandro @David_NEAR @jcatnear


Let me chip in something here :slightly_smiling_face:

First things first, interesting proposal - @Dacha.

Over the last couple of months that I’ve become a part of the NEAR community, Dacha is one member that would easily get on anyone’s radar. While he might not be everyone’s friend :upside_down_face: but he does an awesome job at ensuring that the community funds are well disbursed and spent. I mean, someone has to ask these questions at some point.

Although not everyone would agree with his information-seeking techniques and investigations and sometimes he comes after community members — I do believe he has good intentions.

Anyway, this is something that would happen sooner or later now that community-driven DAOs are becoming a thing.

To end, I’m going to quote words from the living legend himself :



Awesome proposal.

I’m in full support of you joining the MarketingDAO, however there are a few things I’d like to highlight first.

In this role it’s absolutely essential (as it is for all users) that we abide by the Community Guidelines:

When we approach accountability, whether it stems from the Community or otherwise, we need to take this into consideration:

The main focus of that post being:

So long as this is adhered to we can make some magic in the MarketingDAO :100:

Final question from me; will you be attending the weekly call (recorded and shared from Jan, most likely) that the rest of the MarketingDAO attend?


Great, every statement about me.

Could be, but I don’t think what is too much important and comfortable for Marketing councils who lives in different time zones, working full time for other projects. Difficult system of booking calls, specific time frames, etc. It will be more and more harder when we got 9 councils in Marketing DAO. Moreover, for me and other future newbie councils it’s a volunteering work.

As I see, there are no any determined limits on proposal’s reviews . It can takes one - two weeks or more, before proposal will be approved/declined. I don’t support it, but appreciate councils time. We have time for discussions.

In some countries our community members don’t have a high speed internet to watch videos (YouTube, Zoom, ect). Not everyone Near Community member have unlimited internet, and pay a lot of money for traffic. Furthermore, everyone who can’t speak English, (~ 65% of people in Near Community) have an option easily translate any information here.

Eventually, to support community Guidelines

all discussions should be on public.

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They’re for everyone. But yeah, you need to adhere to these ideally. I mean, why wouldn’t anyone?

Don’t worry about that, we can make it work for sure :100:

This is something you could personally implement as a member of the MarketingDAO Council.

Ok cool, why not write up a transcript of the calls as part of your role and share it here on the forum? That will also resolve the below issue when we integrate auto translate.


Good day @Dacha

As a community member of the Marketing DAO I look forward to working with you on the council.

My role as a council member involves reviewing and commenting on proposals in the forum. We also discuss proposals during our weekly meeting.

The regular zoom meetings enable the DAO to become a community in its own right. We don’t just discuss DAO business!

IMO it is important to hear the thoughts and opinions of all the council members. This can often lead to very different decisions being reached @grace

I hope you too will see the value in this… and I look forward to your contribution to the DAO.

PS for the record I have voted to Approve


Dear @grace could you please show me requirements to @marketingdao-council about mandatory video images on the DAO calls? How can I find this information in council guide?
Why I can’t use only voice at the meeting calls 2-6 am, when my family sleep? It’s kind of mocking on me. Every council have a right to use comfortable form for yourself as far as it not mentioned in any guide.

Furthermore, I do a great job without video calls.

I collected almost all reports in Marketing DAO,
I stopped “chaos” in Marketing DAO with proposals,
I work with grantees, daily calls, etc.
I left my feedback at every proposal in the DAO (mostly within 24 hrs),
I work with new version of Marketing DAO guide,
I created and work with Marketing DAO excel table of activities,
I do weekly reports

Dear @grace here are couple 1 2 examples when people used only voice on the meeting

Some guys used packages instead of real pictures.

I and other councils currently work with new Marketing DAO guide and agreement. Feel free to share all your thoughts or help us with it. You can also create a proposal on the forum.

I wouldn’t argue with you on today’s call, because respect all other councils and advisors time.

Thank you

Dear @David_NEAR will all next videos recorded as you mentioned early?

Thank You.

Not atm, but we can move toward that if the Council are in agreement

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IMO there is no doubt that the work you put in to both the Forum and the Marketing DAO is a great job and much appreciated by all… including me :heart_eyes:

But are you REALLY suggesting that as a council member of a key DAO that disbursed over 500,000$ last year… you want to participate in the meeting with a bag over your head…??

You are laughing, but many grantees got their money even without calls :blush::blush::blush: No, I disagree, but let me choose a way of participation- voice , video or both. Ok?

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Glad you see I was joking :grin:

Of course, you should be free to choose how you feel comfortable to participate in the meeting

Take care my friend :innocent:

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You are really awesome person :blush: Glad to see you.

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