On Community-Driven Accountability

Hey NEAR fam :wave:

As our Community and ecosystem continue to grow rapidly, we can, and should, expect an increase in community-driven accountability.

By community-driven accountability I mean the ability to have the values of the NEAR Ecosystem upheld by the community throughout every proposal, report, and interaction in the NEAR Forum (and beyond!).

How To Approach Community-Driven Accountability

First things first, any positive contribution to the NEAR Governance Forum is welcome and encouraged, and this includes asking the occasionally tough questions.

However, it’s important that we approach interactions with a positive, supportive, and open attitude.

We should:

  • Assume the best before accusing the worst
  • Be pragmatic in our approach
  • Present your questions in a positive light; don’t assume or judge
  • Be factual
  • Request further transparency with respect
  • Ensure transparency when appropriate
  • Not be afraid to fail and not attack those who do

TL;DR - We should continue to promote proactive accountability and transparency, but do so in a positive and welcoming manner. Move forward with the benefit of the doubt, innocent until proven guilty, solution-focused mindset. Assume the best before the worst!

On that note, thank you for coming to my Ted Talk! If anyone has any questions or comments on community-driven accountability, feel free to share them here.