Sandbox [November] Reward Claim of [polinka3#6637]

My November report includes:

Video Youtube:

For all videos: 4*35=140$

Also requesting an award for the OWS survey 10$

Reward for all activities: 140+10=150$

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Good evening!
I’m native in Russian, but

First video, absolutely not informed. You just reading incoherent text , @p0k can confirm it.
Second, so-so, 3/10, again looks like you’re reading badly translated text.
Third , 3/10, again looks like you’re reading badly translated text. @p0k Гриша, она на 48 секунде говорит, что карты стали «пуленепробиваемыми». Лол. Digital Art Cards Market | Биржа или что это?? - YouTube
4th again looks like you’re reading badly translated text. @p0k Гриша, она на 1:28 “бирюзовые институты» и дальше полная белиберда.
Avrit: Earn for Learning | Обучайся и Зарабатывай - YouTube

Propose: reject the claim in full.

Dear @AnaNastya would you like approve it again ?

@illia Илья, извини что отвлекаю, но посмотри пожалуйста какого качества обучающие видео одобряют в OWS. Я задавал такие же вопросы к автору в октябре, но понятное дело, никто на них здесь на отвечает. Спасибо

Ps : polinka works together with Sandbox [October] Reward Claim of Peterson34#0616

Good day! Perhaps you are the most harmful little insect that criticizes the guys. The guys try and do what they can. The quality of the translation may not be correct, but please give me a couple of lessons on the composition of the content! Everyone can criticize - but not everyone can help and give advice.

Hey, find me on TG @kmotiv or join TG group Telegram: Contact @near_prices (main goal looking and expose scammers who chase money on Gov.near, save NF money) , I will explain you in details what wrong with videos

I must agree here, the videos are pretty low quality. There are a lot of logical errors in explaining what is happening on the screen which might confuse the viewer.

I do agree with @Dacha here that speech is indeed in a broken Russian, which is surprising given the author obviously is native speaker. So first thing would be to make sure that the content is coherent.

Regarding content construction usually there are few things to do:

  • tell a story that is engaging, for example if you taking a NFT marketplace - can explain the lifetime of the NFT, from minting to selling to buying.
  • or have a more step by step explanation how the marketplace work - but need to understand first the features.

Generally if writing a content about a project and just starting - might be good step is to ask the project or it’s active community members to review the content. There are active community in Russian who can also help edit.


Hi @illia, Is it possible to make AMA with you for RU community in TG?

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Good day! I do my best to create content about this project, it’s not easy for me to create even those videos, and I strive for the best result. And the fact that someone is trying to lick the administration, for example @Dacha , if you have a notion of not evaluating any work and effort of the participant, then what’s the point of someone trying ?? Understand correctly that for some it is not easy … Sorry if something is wrong!

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Hey there!

I have just reviewed your work and unfortunately, I have to agree with those who have spoken above: your content is not up to the best standards yet.

While we understand that it’s not entirely fair to demand professional quality from Sandboxers, we would still like to encourage the creation of value for the ecosystem at all times. Adding up to the previous recommendations:

  • Try to select topics for your work that you understand yourself clearly and can talk about in your own words so that information could be conveyed in a clear manner.
  • Take a look at other sections of the OWS rolling opportunities: videos are by far not the only way to contribute to the NEAR ecosystem.
  • You can check out good examples of videos made by other contributors here

Hope we managed to provide sufficient feedback and I am looking forward to seeing your growth in the nearest future.


in this case, pay at least a minimum of effort and work, efforts have been made…

I appreciate your efforts however OWS wants to encourage the creation of value for the ecosystem and our rewarding system is set up accordingly.

I will be more than glad to reward your contributions when you come back to us with work where you have implemented our feedback and where clear growth will be visible. If you need more help in reviewing your work or anything else, please reach out to me or to the community. As far as you know, we also have a Russian-speaking hub within the OWS where fellow members will be more than glad to help you with any questions.


Hi guys
Some critic can be more soft, especially for art people @Dacha i would like respect any work please :hugs:

@polinka3 hey thank you for your work u did
Send me please your wallet name i would like to support u for 2-3 N like donation :blush:

And some good idea put your wallet name on video or in description, may be some people who will see your video can be thankful for it. (Never knows)
they can send u more donation, good luck for you i hope u can grow very soon

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@polinka3 and please dont use this words on forum be respect to all people

My wish delete this message please

Dont be angry