[APPLICATION] Programa de Bolsas Artísticas - saramosli.near

  1. Name & NEAR Account ID
  • Sara Mosli - saramosli.near
  1. Location
  • Brazil
  1. Social media handle(s)
  1. Website/Online Portfolio if applicable
  1. Artist Statement - tell us about your practice and artistic intent; max. 5-10 sentences
  • My work as a visual artist consists in, through multiple tecniques and different kinds of media, such as painting, embroidery, videoart, photography, etc, research on the simbolisms and the construction of the subjetivities. In the works on painting, drawing and embroidery, I create different symbols and use lenguage itself for assimilate feelings and perceptions on the self. In multimedia projects, such as Caderno Vermelho (check it out on my portfolio), I consider that the self can be constructed by history, exploring different forms to use and create lenguage in the limits between fiction and reality.
  1. Blurb of Current/Planned Project - what kind of work will this stipend allow you to pursue?; max. 5 sentences
  • With this opportunity, I would like to develop the works that I call “hybrids”, which is paintings + embroidery (check “Inês” on my portfolio).
  1. Previous samples of your work - max. 4 pieces (if not already on social media and/or a website or virtual portfolio)
  • It’s all in my online portfolio.
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Hi @SaraMosli how are you? Thanks for your submission!
We will be receiving applications till the 17th. We are going to let you know the results until the 30th of September. :star_struck: :star_struck: keep in touch.

Hi Juliana, thanks for the return!
Absolutely, I’ll keep in touch.
Thanks again!

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Hi Sara, how are you?

The Stipends program jury is very glad to let you know that you’ve been selected for the first edition! :star_struck: :star_struck:

feel free to ask your first month payout of 30N (± 150 eur in Near) on SputnikDAO

I will also send you an airdrop :blush:

Welcome to Incubadora community!


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Hi Juliana!
Thank you all guys very very much, I’m so glad with this opportunity!
As soon as I reach my PC tomorrow morning, I’ll ask for the first amount in the Incubadora Sputnik DAO.
Thanks again!


I already send you an airdrop of 4.4 N :smiley:
If you need any help in the process, please let us know!

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Thank you Juliana!
I already made the request in the Sputinik DAO. If there’s any misunderstood information, please let me know.


hey @SaraMosli , how are you?

You are free to ask your second month payout of 150 eur, that is the equivalent of 17N to our Sputnik Dao

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Hey @SaraMosli , how are you? Just a quick reminder that the report of your experience with the stipends should be posted untill Dec 10th, as discussed in the Open Call Post :slight_smile:

We hope that this Program supported you and helped you achieve your goals :heart_eyes:

Hi @JulianaM! Nice, I’m with that in mind :slight_smile:
This program has been amazing for me to achieve my goals! You’ll see details in my report <3