[announcemnt] an expose on recent events concerning my reputation

Hello NEARians,

I make this post concerning various conversations about me within the ecosystem lately, some unfounded accusations and presumption bias regarding my personality.

Conclusions have been drawn and orchestrated groups who were bent on tarnishing my image regardless, whether resolution or reconciliation was sought or not.

I address the issues here directly now:

The genesis of all these issues stemmed from the [event that happened in ABuja…

I got $1000 from @NxM , transferred $500 to @Dedeukwu since he said it was to supplement budget for the event, i did this without any scrutiny because i believed in transparency. I later had to transfer the balance of $500 back to @NxM Dao treasury. and below is the reason why i did that

In reference to the Beat DAO Musical Oasis show This is the misunderstanding that happened of why i couldn’t pay @skthealternator @w4R for their services. Below is the file i shared with the creatives dao moderators. Please feel free to read and check
clarification.pdf (160.1 KB)

@frnvpr you can tag the NEAR Foundation people on this post

I would also be making an official complaint regarding authoritarian and unjust community behaviour by @Paul . He acts like the NEAR blockchain belongs to his father and decides who should remain or leave in the ecosystem…

I would update the post here once done

UPDATED [complaint] unjust community ethics and behaviour by paul crans

@vandal @mecsbecs @chloe @David_NEAR

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@JohnX go see a doctor and take some time to reflect and heal.


The night when you lost consciousness on a highway and regained it back after crashing an innocent bus that wasnt even obsructing your right of way, that is the day i knew your consciousness wasn’t grounded…

All that ancestral energy is not the fullness my friend… Your foundation is not fully grounded… You also need to find the root of all grounding which is source energy. As long as you are looking for generational wealth, you are still a capitalist, and as long as you are a capitalism… you are still in 3D, and you are being remoted.


Hey guys,

Muting this and a handful of other threads whilst the NF team investigates concerns raised by a number of Community Members.