[complaint] unjust community ethics and behaviour by paul crans

As seen in this report, i would not want to go into details about how paul got biased and colluded with my nigerian colleagues from the abuja event who envy my ecosystem status…

I would instead focus on the reckless community behaviour by @Paul


  • I proposed a project, A show for beatdao, and it was approved collectively by the council.

  • I request half of the payout for the execution of the show and do it.

  • $500

  • https://app.astrodao.com/dao/beat-dao.sputnik-dao.near/proposals/beat-dao.sputnik-dao.near-63 2

  • I send the done episodes to Paul, and then Paul thinks i profit personally from the show…

  • Paul then says, i am being unfair to other council members of the DAO and proposes a vote with newbie DAO member wiz to vote me out of the DAO

  • At the time of being evicted, I had not requested for the balance of the show to pay the editor and the music producers interviewed.

  • I let Paul know that i benefit $150 from show for my effort which he is not happy about. He decides that it would be deducted from my DAO mangement fee which i get monthly from doing BEat DAO monthly beat competition

  • Paul sends me $340 from DAO treasury which i take as my DAO mangement salary which i recive as usual and expect him to pay the editor and the music producers from the balance of $500 for the show which was still in DAO treasury that i dint request

  • Paul then says that the DAO has refused to pay me DAO management salary… really? for salary which we all received monthly as factored into the budget, for work which i had already done?

  • I find it preposterous because i was not aware of the justification for such a development and tell all concerned parties to request their money from Paul since it was already stated in the proposal which was approved and the half of the balance was still in the DAO…

  • Paul goes on an egoistic spree of banning me from the Beat DAO and @NxM communities… for reasons best known to him which i know are against community guidelines because he has no right to ban my telegram handle from these channels without a poll and voting that entails the consensus of the community


This is the sequence of events that brought about a cascade of events which has brought about so many issues concerning my reputation within the ecosystem… But in as much as i have involved the NEAR Foundation… I would like to ask these pertinent questions?

  • After a proposal has been approved and the project executed, is Paul supposed to be suddenly concerned about the intricacies of the executed project when the project came out full throttle and completely acceptable in execution?

  • Does Paul have the right to say that a council member should not recieve DAO management salary which was detailed in the monthly funding proposal and funds approved and deposited in DAO treasury? does it echo decentralization that an individual takes it upon himself to command approved funds for executed duties and activiity not to be disbursed according to the reason why the funds were approved in the first place? Is there fascism in Decentralization?

  • Lastly, what gives paul the audacity to take it upon himself to say that an individual social handle be banned from a telegram group comprising of a whole community whose consensus was not sought regarding the status of the banned individual?.. This obviously doesn’t echo decentralization.

  • And lately… as can be reported by some community members like @Jahzonemusician … Paul authoritaively says that some proposals would not be approved and that some people would be kicked off NEAR ecosystem…

  • I would like to ask the NEAR foundation, is Paul part of NEAR core? or does paul, an ordinary council member like many people here possess the power to kick people off the ecosystem and also wield the authority to enforce that some proposals would not be approved?

Guidance and insight is sought from the NEAR foundation. Thanks

@mecsbecs @Monish016 @vandal @chloe

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I just leave the root cause here, as the author of the post forgot to include it:

I have nothing to add from my side, as all can be seen in the report above.
Many thanks and have a good day.


Thanks paul, You can easily admit that the balance for the show was still left in the DAO treasury, and how you went on blackmailing me of not paying the people involved. Who gave you the audacity to say that i ought not to receive DAO management salary which i worked for?

And you were able to convince newbie @Wiswiz into carrying out your egoistic and authoritarian ambition by voting me out of the DAO before i requested it…

Hello @JohnX, thanks for sharing your point of view and arguments but I will need to ask you to slow down.

I mean, we are trying to catch up with all the posts and replies already shared. Please, give us time to address the information we have already received

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Hey guys,

Muting this and a handful of other threads whilst the NF Community Team investigates concerns raised by a number of Community Members.