[Announcement] Uniqueone.Network Community Council Updates

Dear fam, thank you for taking time to register your interest to become our community council here. As a community council of Uniqueone.Network, you are allowed to vote on the governance, create proposals on behalf of the community, and organize events attuned to Uniqueone.network or/with Near.

Our primary objectives of creating a community council is to allow communities to run our permisionless marketplace from different ecosystem including Near (UoNo Appchain on Octopus Network), enable suggestions for enhancements, connect to various creators borderless and many more.

Congratulations to the following Nearians who will be promoted to our Community Council, along with our existing council / team who will manage the provenance in the long run.

Community Council (Batch 1)

  1. pedrovenancio72.near
  2. luisinho.near
  3. dabbie3229.near
  4. djstella.near
  5. brighttux.near

Native Council / Team

  1. uniqueonenetwork.near (Main Account)
  2. willfadeneva.near (CJ)
  3. halyconstudio.near (Joseph)
  4. jasonwes.near (Jason)
  5. pock.near (Pock)
  6. xanderlohis.near (Alexander)
  7. whereis.near (Francis)

more info about team here


  1. decentricity.near

We will update our DAO soon to have all Nearians listed above to be included in the inventory.
DAO Reference : https://app.astrodao.com/dao/uniqueonenetwork.sputnik-dao.near/groups/all

*Any project representative are welcome to be an observer with the condition of collaborations with Uniqueone.Network


I’m happy to be one of you. I will give in my best fir unique one. One :two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts: can I get a link to your telegram


Hello Dabbie welcome to UniqueOne Network council, the TG link to main chat Telegram: Contact @uniqueonenetwork


thank you for being part of the community council @Dabbie3229, to avoid spamming the forum, kindly check the here and we have the social media links ready in our Introductory post.


Thank you so much it’s a great honor to be part of the council, it’s been 2 years since I first joined UniqueOne Photo and I’ve seen UniqueOne Network grow… an excellent job everyone has done… thank you for existing UniqueOne Network

Lol like the name Nearians, lol

From Portugal with love

I’m UniqueOne Network

Pedro Venâncio


It is a pride for me to belong to this community. I am sure that we will live unforgettable moments together!!!


Thank You so much for this opportunity…
I’m so happy to one of the uniqueone and I promise to give out my best​:two_hearts::two_hearts:


I am currently creating proposals on Astrodao, will need everyone to vote the membership based on the proposal on this page.

I have created this group by mistake, kindly downvote or ignore this proposal

Kindly upvote for our Native Council here, be noted that the community council will be proposed on the later part
4. jasonwes.near (Jason)
5. pock.near (Pock)
6. xanderlohis.near (Alexander)
7. whereis.near (Francis)


Correct me if im wrong, i think the DAO is set to “only members” are allowed to vote?
Since none of the accepted council members in batch 1 are in the member list, none of us would be allowed to vote.


yes you are right, so the native council and the proposed users will have to vote themselves in. Anyway, the above will be a proof to everyone that we’ve made such proposal.

I’ve tried to change the existing group through policy to no avail. I have then reported these errors to the support team here (please help to upvote as well - no gas required).


Hello everyone,

What is the difference between “council” and “observer”.

Sorry but I am new in this near ecosystem and I have only experience in polkadot/ethereum governance. Are these “observers” like a waiting list or “runners-up” in polkadot?


Hi @Bianca_Nieves , good to have you here.
Basically community council’s role is to create proposals/ideas, to vote proposals for the community on behalf of the native council - the founding team, while observer’s role applies to project leaders / steward(ess) / project founders who is working hand-in-hand or partnership with Uniqueone.Network team - they can’t vote or create proposals on AstroDAO but they can provide suggestions. By then, the native council / community council will weight-in their ideas/proposals to be included.

Hope that clarifies.

We have recently update our docs (we’ll continue to update the section perdiodically), do refer the following to understand the roles.


Dear community, all native council proposed has been upvoted.

We are now trying to change existing group of ‘Team’ to ‘Community Council’ but to no avail, it seems like the system doesn’t allow us to do so, and we’ll have to downvote it. Please click here for reference.

A similar error has been logged here (resolved).


Now that we can progress further, the native council will now apply new group policy settings, the native council will upvote this proposal based on information here - The Community Council and Governance guideline.


Hi Bianca :slight_smile: nice to see you on Gov.Near

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Hey fam, this is our latest proposal which is to get the Community Council upvoted into the DAO. Once approved, new members are allowed to draft/create proposals and suggestions, (or remove proposals) upvote and downvote proposals, invite/remove members, create/remove polls. Group Quorum required : 100%



Congratulations to New Community Council. Good to have you guys onboard.

Note : Kindly discuss briefly with any of the council before creating a proposal. You may draft proposal / vote first. This is to prevent abuse. Thank you.

Learn more about Uniqueone.Network Community Council & Governance here.


Glad to be onboard. I think most of us might still be unfamiliar with the whole community council and how the forum here links with astrodao. We’ll do our best to serve the community :slight_smile:

To fellow community council members, do read up on the link posted above. Repost-ing link here for visibility: The Community Council and Governance - UniqueOne.Network


Glad to be on board. Unique One is my priority. :pray::pray::pray::pray: I’ll give every best I can offer


Welcome members of the council! we are looking forward to your support and working with you all!