[Announcement] $UNET to be delisted / remove from whitelist on Skyward.Finance

To the members of our community,

As a result of the unfortunate incident that affected the Skyward.Finance dapp, we as a team have decided to move our IDO to another platform and STOP the current sale on Skyward.Finance.

Our decision to have our IDO on Skyward’s fully decentralised platform was to provide a transparent and fair way for our supporters to acquire our tokens. However, because of the incident we believe that the safety of our participants comes first.

These are steps we will be taking:

  1. Firstly, all $UNET tokens put up for sale at Skyward.Finance will no longer be used. We will reissue our tokens and will be providing the new tokens to the participants of our initial launchpad sale (https://mars.bocachica.io/)

  2. We have requested Skyward team to remove the whitelisting to ensure that no new participants see the sale. Please refer here for the new proposal. (Because of the decentralised nature of Skyward, no party can stop a sale until it is fully executed)

  3. We will refund the NEAR deposited to participants of the Skyward.Finance sale who could not withdraw their NEAR before the sale period. Once the sale ends on the 10th of November, we will make the necessary arrangements to refund the participants.

  4. We will then be moving our sale to another launchpad to continue our IDO. More details on the platform will be provided very soon.

Thank you and we are truly sorry for the inconvenience. We hope that you will continue to support our cause to create a truly community driven platform.

UniqueOne.Network team