[Announcement] The Enforcer role within Creatives DAO

Dear Cretives, I’m excited to announce my new role as the Enforcer of the Creatives DAO. My engagement began with asssiting the moderators in the creation of the CreativesDAO Trust and to oversee the execution thereof which happened in early May. My role involves making sure that the actions of the Trust are in line with the objectives mentioned in the Trust instrument.

I’m extremely excited to get started and to get to know you all through your proposals and interactions.



Can you please share your professional experience and background and ways to contact you for enquiries?

I agree with @satojandro, a quick resume can be good for all of us

Hey Guys,

A quick introduction about me - I’ve been practising law for about 13 years now, predominantly litigation. Most of my work life has been in Mumbai. During this time I also worked with a company that was building a streaming platform and was headquartered in Dubai and Mumbai. Part of this work required me to negotiate and draft contracts while liasoning with lawyers from several different jurisdictions such as North America and Malta.

Currently I run my own company based in Mumbai though I still practice a bit of law on the side. You can read more about me on Linkedin. Im not allowed to add links on this post but you can find me as shwetasangtani on Linkedin.