[Announcement] Spiritual Dao Introduction


The NEAR Ecosystem has seen a whole lot of DAOs being created in different fields of artistic and creative endeavors. Kudos to the NEAR Foundation for stimulating and motivating these DAOs in the actualization of various projects and the expansion wherewith it affords the NEAR Protocol in staking its rightful claim of mass adoption within the crypto space.

The influx of creators within the creative space of the NEAR ecosystem has seen a vast demography of art, project collaborations and community interaction in the space. With NEAR’s cheap gas fees in NFT minting and transaction costs within its blockchain and a simplification of crypto intricacies whence making crypto services available to the non-tech savvy



The Spiritual DAO is an emblem of mental evolution characterizing religious liberality and self conscious spirituality. We are a group of mentally evolved individuals who have found spiritual freedom and empowerment and would like to share with other light seeking, free thinking, self realizing and esoteric knowledge enthusiasts who are at different levels of their journey so as to encourage and aid them in surmounting psychological hurdles and continue evolving so as to bring forth the light within.

At the moment, the Spiritual DAO consists of Solitude/Silence practitioner and Metaverse builder Gus, transitional psychologist and digital content creator John X, we are calling out to spiritually liberal enthusiasts who would like to identify with us and be part of this council. In due time, we would be building a community of light seekers, atheists, agnostics, pantheists, omnists who would be rewarded for documenting their spiritual evolution through writing, art, music, poetry e.t.c. Its an obviously exciting cosmic time for the emergence of the “free-children”


Spiritual DAO hearkens to the global call of esoteric awareness and self-realization. In an age where there are vast developments in Dapps, decentralized consensus algorithms and sytems, there is a shift in consciousness which is bringing awareness of the non-trust proof of centralized religious and administrative architectures. We can see an evidence of these shift in consciousness by the art produced by creatives these days, either they are mentally introspective or they somehow mirror an undertone of self expression.

Spiritual DAO seeks to encourage its target audience to continue seeking and asking and to realize that anything the individual seeks without is already found within.

Through Video podcasts hosted on youtube, twitch and bi monthly retreats within the metaverse, the spiritual DAO would host an oasis for light seekers and the “free children” to connect and recharge each other and also see that there are “likes” of them, this would make them feel encouraged to forge ahead in their journey and no longer think themselves as wierdos or black sheep like mainstream conventional social imagery paints them


Through audio-visual presentations that carry illustrations about NEAR wallets and community engagements in the introduction and closing of the videos, Spiritual DAO would serve the NEAR protocol in onboarding and broad reach expansion. The religious liberalists and esoteric community would find this novel blend of spirituality and crypto interesting and enticing

The two major shows in the current scope of the DAO at the moment are



These two video activities would be on youtube and twitch and would also be broadcasted within the Metaverse on a bi-monthly basis during Metaverse retreats for the esoteric minded and free-thinkers already engaging Web3

Note: These shows are subject to change, modification or to be augmented

As stated in the introduction paragraph, we would be building a community of like minds by creating bounties for content relating to self realization and spiritual freedom. This content will range from written articles to poems, art, music or even choreography. We want “free children” to tell their story using liberal thinking and self expression while getting rewarded for it, and this way we can build constancy in a ready audience.


Let’s go


Peace and love…Great idea​:white_heart::white_heart::heart:


Do you have social media links?

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Haha, enthusiasts already…
Yes… Telegram, twitter, facebook and Discord accounts are soon to be created per how soon our projects kick off


Loveeee love love!! Sucess


There are definitely no limits to what can happen here in the metaverse, I’m here for this !!!:clap:t5::clap:t5::clap:t5::clap:t5:

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ok. Keep us in touch on this.
It would be great if you could share some of your ideas and steps

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Sounds great! Interested to see more. :slight_smile:

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@Natashacremonese @NatalieCrue @tabear @mr_free
Here are the activities of the Spiritual DAO


thats a great ideia <3
and a nedded one

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Beautiful Idea, great initiative

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Thank you for kind words