[ANNOUCEMENT] Transparency Mistake

Im here to annouce a financial slip that ive commited. I dont want to expose all the details, but i got at a emergency situation, that involved all my family, i have a 2yo kid and our lifes were at risk. And we got homeless suddenly. We had to move to another state, and in the meantime, ive made a missuse of the fund from the clan dao. We had to transfer the nears from the sputnik to move to astrodao, as we find that wasnt enough. I could take only 4.27n, had to leave the 3.5N there to the storage i guess. At the same time, my familys passing trough this extreme stressfull situation, homeless, moving to another state, with no home, no money, and a cost of almost 1000usd of this process. Ive got all the help that ive could, from near community friends, and we get supported from them, until we could get to safety. We found a new home, settled, and it costed all of our finance either. Ive used the 4.7N as a personal loan, commited to give back, as i will return all the help from my friends either, it really saved our lifes. But i forgot, in the stressful situation, to announce this, and ive used the 4.7N incorrectly. Im really sorry for this, im ashmed and im commited to say that wont happen again, as i understood that this inflict a direct damage to the transparency and to the community as a whole. Im really ashmed, worried because im dedicating 100% to this project, my family depends on me too, we were scared, our safety was at risk. It was a really deep problem.
Im commited to refund this 4.7N, and the help we got, as we are stable now, and can back to work.

Heres the link from the sputnik.

Please, consider the human factor, as a father and my family was in danger, this unfortunally happened. Im really sorry.



Ive got 5N from @frado to refund the nears and it was used to build the new fund at astroDAO.

Heres our new DAO


Thank you for being so open and honest.

I hope things are looking up for you and your family now :heart:



Obrigada pelo post e pelo esclarecimento. Espero que as coisas estejam melhores para você e sua família. Como já foi comunicado no grupo de Telegram do Creatives DAO por alguns membros do Conselho, este tipo de situação não é aceitável para o tipo de comunidade e ecossistema que todos nós estamos tentando criar e construir juntos. Dito isto, este tipo de situação não pode voltar a acontecer. Esperamos mais clareza e transparência nas próximas propostas e projetos. Também pedimos que os mesmos estejam alinhados aos nossos valores de descentralização (DAO funds should be used properly for DAO’s purposes, passing through voting processes and so on)

Thanks for the post and for clarifying the situation. I hope everything is ok with you and your family. Following what was already communicated via Telegram (Creatives DAO chat) by some of our council members, this kind of situation is not acceptable for our community/ecosystem that we all are trying to build together. That said, this cannot happen again. We hope more clarity and transparency in the next proposals and projects, also we hope they will be align with our values of decentralization.


Okay @JulianaM and all the Creative DAO, thank you for this. Is acceptable as I understand the flaw, and we will be more aligned for sure. Our DAO is growing also, and we need to be even more accurated. Really thanks, we are really grateful.


Attn to transparency violators : @chronear (NIA) , @coyotefugly (Swine) , @Mazi (Sankore) , @leaves297 (Flying Rhino) here is example for you how every guild manager can be honest and open for Near Community.


Hey, you are taking responsibility for your actions and making the amend.

So cheer up man ! Success and good luck solving your issues :beers: :v:

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I don’t understand lol :joy: how does it work here


Hey guys,

You can see how most of the badges work here.

The Leader badge is given to Guild leads so they can organise their community’s posts.