[EMERGENCY ANNOUNCEMENT] The Clan Daonation + Unchain Fund

We are here to announce fundraising to help Ukraine.

The DAOnation will make auctions with the NFTs acquired in Art2Ad to raise funds for the @Unchainfund, plus any donated NFT from the NEAR community. The auctions floor starts at 5N and will be available for 24 hours, each lot. The liquidity goes to the thehelpis.near wallet.
Every auction will be registered, and DAOnation will send the funds to unchain-fund.sputnik-dao.near each auction’s end.

  • To donate a NEAR NFT, transfer then to thehelpis. near and fill here our NFT Donation Form

If you want to help, support, or donate, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us
Unnchain + DAOnation TG
Twitter DAOnation Twitter

  • We need direct contact with the Paras Marketplace to make a featured auction. So please get in touch with us if you can help with that.
    This tool is powerful and will help to get visibility.

  • Let’s support and help. We create a safelist to put organizations and DAOs deep and genuinely engaged in help.

I tag @illia @sashahudzilin @duOCELOT @brunoqual @David_NEAR @simeon4real for any support, orientation, and possible feedback.

All the work for this project is voluntary.

DAO management wallet address:

DAOnation AstroDAO address:

The treasury of the DAOnation is 5N, and the near wallet funds are initially from 1.04051 NEAR.

DAOnation will redirect every new fund to the cause; that’s the Unchain Fund at the moment.

The Help Is Near. @Unchainfund