Album Ideation Residency (NFT series)

Hello! We are Martin and Mariana. Two artists/producers based in Portugal.

This is a proposal for a collaboration on Mariana´s (Artist name: Meta) upcoming album " XIV- A íntegração". The album is planned for release next year in the second trimester with single releases at the end of the first trimester.

“XIV- A Integração” is my way to integrate the learnings & insights I have been uncovering, especially since the journey I did to South America in 2019. For me this album is a way to understand and express the realms I have journeyed into, to release them to the world and hopefully to create benefit to the community.

The sound landscape is a mix of Portuguese traditional elements influenced by the connection with plant medicines and the learnings of South America, all weaved into electronic music & voice. - Mariana

The collaboration/residency will take place in Sertã in central Portugal and the collaboration will be an developing/producing of existing drafts and ideas created by Mariana as well as co-production of new material. Martin´s role will be to help further develop the ideas and to add his musical and technical skills and knowledge to elevate the songs/drafts.


Martin/Bom Beijo
Spotify: Bom Beijo

Previous NFTs:



Dates of residency:
12-16 of September 2022

Planned release date:
May 2023


Songs for "XIV- A íntegração” pre-produced and ready for further processing and release for Mariana/Meta.

A series of NFTs will be released where each NFT will be an artwork related to the process of the creation and an insight to the residency.

The NFT series will consist of estimated 3-5 photos and videos showcasing the process. The NFTs will be accompanied by music and sounds that share the same theme as the upcoming album “XIV- A íntegração”.

This series will act as a web3 preview of what the final project will be.


8h of work 5 days.
hourly rate: $8

8h x $8 x 5d = 320

x2 people

$320 x 2 = $640

Total: $640

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So just to give an update about the progress. The residency went super well and so far we have 5 songs structured, produced and ready for final recording and a 6th and 7th song that we came about half way with. The collaboration went super well and we both felt that the communication and the sharing of ideas blended very smoothly while at the same time feeling challenged to push our boundaries to create an result that feels like a progression of our crafts.

Even though we still have some work to be done, this week was a perfect start to lay a strong foundation for the album.

We took pictures of the process together and have the sound material to continue and finish with the NFT series. Estimated time to have the NFTs ready is in a weeks time (Sunday next week).

Thanks for the support and collaboration!

Kind Regards Martin

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So here is another update of the progress.

Me and Mariana met up one time more to continue with the songs and have now pretty much the whole foundation of the album ready to be taken to the next step. A date has not been set yet but in the next few months we will be going to an professional recording studio to record the final pieces to then take the tracks to it’s final post production/editing + mixing and mastering stages before the albums final release.

The NFT series connected to the process of the album is now up on Garden Collective’s mintbase/NFT store.

Once again big thank you for the collaboration and support!

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Thanks for the update @Larrelito , looking forward to seeing the NFTs.
Can you post them here once they have been minted?

Everything has been going really well and me and Mariana are scheduled to meet up another time by the end of November to finalize things before going to the professional recording studio.

Here are the links to the NFT series.

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