AfrikaBurn "Save the Clan" NFT Fundraising Project

I’m pretty sure @claudinhabelha and I worked everything out for this :slight_smile:


Hey everyone
@duOCELOT @whoiscavenaghi @naturelove @rena @JohnX @R.FIM @C0D3

Payment instructions:

When you finalise your tasks, please comment this post that you did the job.

Then you can apply for your payout through this link: SputnikDAO

There you can describe which task you did, upload the document and also copy the link to this task-file. Then 3 people need to vote for your work, so it gets officially approved and you can get paid.

i hope i got it right :slight_smile: @marianeu


Yes :slight_smile: please Post the result of your work here so I (or @reginamintbase ) can control :slight_smile:

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Hello! Just finished my work and did the payout proposal! Thank you @claudinhabelha and @marianeu

The link was changed! So this is the new Google Drive: Sign-in

Hey @whoiscavenaghi I tried to access the document to read it, but I can’t. Could you please grant acces to and ?

You should not submit payout proposal until I or @reginamintbase give you a OK. Please note this and tell this to your community @claudinhabelha :slight_smile:

Oh! Sorry. I read “ Payment instructions:

When you finalise your tasks, please comment this post that you did the job.

Then you can apply for your payout through this link:”

Drive : Google Drive: Sign-in

Your email it’s there :white_heart: and also Regina’s.

Thank you very much for the attention.

@claudinhabelha @marianeu I did the jobs

  • Documentation “Introduction to NEAR Protocol”

  • Documentation for the very beginners (people who have never heard anything about crypto)?

  • Documentation Q&A about different questions

  • Adapt the two current Artist Guide as well as the Investor Guide to the new Mintbase/NEAR design

Here is a link to the drive…

All the completed tasks are there-in

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hey Carolina

Thank you a lot for your gifs.
As i briefed i like to have the logo on all the gifs in the same corner of the gif
In Marketing & Communication it is very important that we work with the same visual elements so it is easier for the human brain to recognise brands. And we like to push the new brand “Save The Clan” :slight_smile:

I like all your gifs and i am happy to use them on social media when we go live.

As soon as you did the changes, I’ll confirm the payout.

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I sent @reginamintbase a the permission for the folder.

Dear @JohnX

Thank you for your work and all the documents. That helps me a lot.

I added a few questions, comments and corrections in the document on google drive.
As soon as the task is finished, i’ll confirm the payout.

Please send me - as agreed - the promotion video until this evening so we can check that too. Afterwards you can send the proposal for the total amount and I’ll confirm, ok?

@marianeu and @reginamintbase
Can you maybe check the Education Papers too? Conten-wise if all the technical details are explained correctly. Furthermore i added some questions that we like to be verified by Mintbase/NEAR to make sure we communciate the correct way.
Can you check the comments and maybe add your answer, so he can implement it in the text and do some more research, if needed?

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@C0D3 tasks are done. Confirmed and saved on the google drive to which @marianeu and @reginamintbase have access.

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Hello @claudinhabelha everything is set up! Just like you asked!

@marianeu @reginamintbase here’s the folder on drive! Thank you again :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

(Google Drive: Sign-in)

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Finished the website. The deadline was changed to 17th with Claudia at telegram.

Ive proposed the use of lynkfire as the tool to put all the links att it, as the easy management, the fine, clean result, and the possibilitity to use the tool to link to other parts of the project. She agreed and I started to build it.

Ive suggested a gdrive file to put the info for this project

So, who participated, ive added to the gallery.
Was 60 art links with a organized selection

Heres the link

confirmed that @whoiscavenaghi finished the job. Thank you for your awesome gifs that i can use on social media. I like them a lot and Afrika Burn too - i double checked with them.

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yes, that’s correct. Deadline was postponed and agreed with @duOCELOT.
we’ll have some changes to make now and as soon as it is ready, we post the link here again.

@marianeu and @reginamintbase

The tasks from @R.FIM are not yet done and I couldn’t really reach him the last few days.
We cancel that task and don’t make a payout.

@JohnX did the 3 Education Papers and also the 2 Artists Guide.
With this payout-proposal you can proceed.

The Promotionvideo of the Marketing-Task list is not yet done though (Deadline was supposed to be 10th - then we postponed to 17th - now it is the 19th and it is not final yet).
There are still some basic changes to do - mostly regarding the branding.
He is working on it.

hey @marianeu @reginamintbase

I got messages from the people who worked for the Afrika Burn Fundraising Project.
According to them.

If you received payout proposals from this people, i can confirm as followed:

@C0D3 → WORK IS FINAL → please payout

@whoiscavenaghi → WORK IS FINAL → please payout

@JohnX → EDUCATION Task is final → if he sent the payout proposal only for that, you can pay him too.
The promotionvideo for the GO LIVE was not ready on time and still needs to be checked thoroughly. This task can not be paid yet.

@duOCELOT → his Tasks it not yet 100% finished, but almost there. If he sends the proposal, you can talk to me again, so i can confirm if the task is finished.

  • List item

Here is my link for the work done! Thank you!

@whoiscavenaghi your work is already confirmed (see above).

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