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I’m asking here following a friend advice. I’m running out of solutions…

I’v installed Keplr and decided to transfer 1050 usdt from kucoin to Keplr using a Cosmos Hub adress. When I flashed the QR code in my kucoin app, it automatically selected Near network for the transfer. I found that a bit akward at first and decided to validate, thinking it might be interoperable…It’s been cupple of hours and I didn’t recieve my fund.

Do you have any clue, what happend, and any advice on what I might do to solve this issue please.

thanks a lot

Time 2024-04-05 11:43:55
Network Near
Address/Account cosmos1qknxvlvmxpwljgakl8cr5ksw9y2a2tyms7dwpe
TxHash 4HkPGNbRqxzxGoL6bkUoVqJNzxb3cZqb8HfJEvNnKRiB

@fiatisabubble hello !
What you think?
Thanks :pray:

I still didn’t recover m’y fund, on cosmos hub forum they told me people from near would be more helpful. What do you think ?

Hey Frado. Unfortunately I don’t think those funds can be recovered :confused:

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Thanks for attention.
@Happy21Feet talk with kucoin supporting, the fail begin there.good :crossed_fingers: luck