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Marketing DAO here is to empower awareness and drive the growth of the NEAR Community and Ecosystem through collaboration between NEAR ecosystem builders, communities, influencers and believers.


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Hi))) It turns out that you are engaged in marketing and building communities? You imagine what a miracle) infinity.near)
We spoke with Grace !!! She is a sorceress.
I decided to start a new forum thread for my project, is this ok?


Hello! how to contact your media/marketing team, spokesperson in order to organize B2B media collaboration? Any email?


Great kudos to the near marketing team. # Near community.


Hello Near Community

We have Started our New NEAR PR Guild

NEAR Protocol Project Can Connect us for PR

What is PR?

PR (Press Release) can help increase a website’s ranking in Google by building backlinks. Backlinks are links from other websites to a website, and they are an important factor in determining a website’s ranking in search engines. PR can be used to get press coverage, which can result in backlinks from news websites and other high-authority sources. Additionally, PR can be used to build relationships with influencers and bloggers, who can also provide backlinks to a website. However, it’s important to note that not all backlinks are equal in terms of the value they provide to a website’s search engine ranking; backlinks from high-authority, reputable sources carry more weight than those from low-authority or spammy sources


hello: are the @marketingdao-council policies posted anywhere? I ruffled some feathers recently looking for documents that would help bring more people to NEAR based on compliance in community funding activities. If balance sheets, income statements, statements of cash flows and statements of functional expenses are required for NEAR I’d be happy to onboard nonprofit entities to utilize NEAR and activate new users, and hopefully consider public governance.


Hi @octopus thanks for reaching out. Here is a link to the Marketing DAO Charter:

If you require further information or want to discuss please DM me.

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Haha, yeah, it’s pretty wild how marketing and community-building can feel like magic sometimes, right? I had this chat with Grace once, and seriously, she’s like a wizard in that stuff! Starting a new forum thread for your project sounds awesome – go for it! Stumbled upon this digital marketing company, Blue Collar Marketing – heard they’ve got some cool insights.

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Hello marketingdao-council I was working with a potental client who happened to be homeless and began educating him about the NEAR network.
I began to sell the XREF that I had on ref finance
I then went to mintbase and made a new store or contract.
Here is the link to the contract that I made
Direct message me for the links!
I showed the homeless man that was talking to me all of the transactions that were being verified.
Why did I do this you might ask?
Because he said that he was a music artist!
I have met many music artist here including some Taylor SWIFT song writters!
So after I msde the contract I took a picture of the two BOX turtles from the side of the PIER in Central Park
Ormond Beach Florida.
Below is a copy of the 30 mints that are on the blockchain.

If you would like to purchace mints of the NFT’s please visit the link below.
Make sure to change the affiliateAccount at the end of the link to share with your friends and family@home
I will be uploading videos of the Biketoberfest festivities once it begins.
Please visit daytonabeach com biketoberfest official pin
I also printed copies of my business card in black and white with qr codes and information about NEAR and XREF

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