A VanChan Challenge: A Proposal

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”

“Art is subjective”

These expressions imply that no two persons see a piece of art exactly the same way.

This is why we are calling on members of VanDAO and all other Creatives of this Community to take on the challenge of interpreting and transforming the VanChan NFTs into Music.

The idea of the Challenge is to evoke the creativity of the participants, encouraging them to present their musical interpretation of NFT art.

How It Works

  1. Select any one of the 10 VanChan NFTs here.

  2. Announce your choice here on the Forum with a post with a link to the VanChan NFT you selected.

  3. Create a song inspired by your choice VanChan NFT.

  4. When you conclude your song, submit your entry with a link to your song here on the Forum.

Selection Process

You have 2 weeks to work on your submission, after which the top 3 songs submitted will be selected based on:

  • Originality and Relevance i.e. how true to the VanDAO theme your song is, and more especially how well it reflects the backstory of the VanChan NFT you selected.

  • The decision of the judges namely:
    @vandal @BigM007 @AugustKinge

Administration of Project:

Administrative activities will include

  1. Making announcements on Creatives channels like NxM, BeatDAO, etc., social media to drive awareness participation

  2. Publicity on Social Media platforms

  3. Answering questions, enquiries, etc. about the project.

  4. Compilation of entries…

And generally everything else to be done to ensure the smooth running of the project.


1st Prize: $250

2nd Prize: $150

3rd Prize: $100


Graphics: $100

Prizes: $500

Administration Fees:

@AugustKinge : $80

@BigM007 : $100

Total: $780

VanDAO to the moon :rocket::rocket:


Thanks for the proposal Gabriel! I love the idea to expand VanCHAN and the CHANverse to incorporate music I just have a couple of comments and requests.

Typically, for any facilitation work, whether for a project or a DAO, the amount should be 30% or less and include a detailed account of the work done.

If you could elaborate on this section above and provide more detail around the work both you and Mayowa will be doing for the requested amount (pls adjust to 30%) we can move ahead with including this proposal in our April funding request. Accountability is important in everything we do, as is transparency, so I look forward to your edit!


Thank you @vandal for your guidance.

I have made the necessary edits.


Ok looks great! I’ll be including this proposal in our April funding request!


Great! Thank you.