Announcement Of The VanChan Song Challenge Winners

Hello Everyone!


We thank everyone who participated in the Challenge. Like I said before, this challenge proved beyond any doubt that the Creative Community on Near Protocol is incredibly talented.

After intense deliberation, the 3 winners picked are:

3rd Place: @reespect

2nd Place @TheTune100

1st Place: @Wiswiz

Listen to the winning submissions here




Winners, please, comment below with your wallet IDs.

Once again, thank you everyone.



Now I understand that you are fake guys and you are selecting only your friends or may be it’s your own accounts.

This is totally bullshit…We are 3 people out of 8 enteries and not even one is in the list despite of best lyrics.

This is all pre-planned scam.


Hi @RonVon,

While I empathise deeply with your current frustrations - having lost a few competitions myself - I must encourage you display sportsmanship and maturity.

At your request, I can easily share the Google sheets that contains our deliberations, alongside some of our Telegram chats.

@vandal is a seasoned musician with very many years of experience.

@BigM007 is sought-after music producer and rapper with no less than 2 studio albums under his belt.

I, the least qualified of the judges, have no less than 20 years of experience as a singer, songwriter.

Please, let us engage each other civilly as we prepare for other challenges and contests where I’m sure it will be your turn.



so much emotoins, check this post please


Yes, please , can we read It?


I completely agree with @RonVon
I was smelling some fishy air too and would like to see your telegram chats with dates about deciding winners incase you have any :smiley: (which I highly doubt as well)

Also, we should not be seeing our songs or remakes of our songs anywhere used by you guys.

Anyway from now on we understand your experiences and what kind of work you are doing here.

Good luck to everyone


Supporting you @zuzzi


my wallet name is wizzow.near
peace, one love :pray:t3:


Grateful to the community for this VANCHAN challenge, Congratulations Winners,

Stay Creative Fam.

Still gotta redo and drop NFT eventually lol.


2nd pos.


i’m truly happy about this!! :purple_heart: congratulations to all the winners and welldone to everyone that participated.

reespect.near is my wallet id.


Lol or not, the ARTIST actually thinks its cool to go rugged that way, YAYY!!

Wallet ID



Hey everyone,

We truly appreciate all the entries here. Maybe it would be a good idea to share all of the songs so everyone can listen to each others entries, and even better we can let the greater community listen to them as well, so that feedback can be given.

One of the things to consider for those who feel like they were not given a fair chance is that maybe you want to submit your songs in your native language, where it might be easier to express yourself and possibly enhance the quality of lyrics.

@AugustKinge feel free to share the sheet with everyone, it would be good to have the feedback there for them.

Also, feel free to share previous works of your that have been released, as I have also personally heard works released by all the 3 winners.

This is not a matter of inside job, or rug pull or a “scam”. It’s the quality of the entries that are judged.

Plus it’s blockchain, you can go ahead and look at the wallet addresses and see for yourself.

Thanks again for the efforts of everyone who contributed :100: :heart:


What happened to the telegram chats that you were supposed to share along with the dates where you discussed about the winners?

Do they even exist? Are you 3 judges or a single guy?

Now I highly doubt about not just the existence of your telegram chats but also about this so called “ecosystem” and about you guys who are nothing more than “cheaters”

I will personally take care that nobody waste their time and talent on this so called DAO as you people have nothing better to do than stealing creative songs for free through such scams.

At last, I think English is still widely accepted language and I am sure I did good as far as the backstory and theme was taken into account.

These were supposed to be the main parameters while judgement but I don’t see this being followed in real practice or I guess we were supposed to do some bla bla shit in our local languages rather than following the international standards.

Anyway, I have nothing to say anymore except that Karma will come back to you for whatever you do.


Its true, i agree with you @zuzzi support your words

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You can take this matter up with @creativesdao-council if you like. I will overlook your accusations personally, as you obviously are not a part of our community, nor have you been active in the governance forum for over a month.

For record, we have no intention of using your contribution to this contest for anything other than it being a submission.

Take care and all the best :pray:


Hello everyone.

Link to Spreadsheet

You already making privilege who on forum , not possible to give to win opportunity for new people, who just making first steps here
And if you want ecosystem or community, fam to grow may be need give chance to new talents. Or if you support only your friends or fam members for me is looking like not right way to choose winner. Anyway, thank you for your experience
Wish you good luck with your deal

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Actually, I only looked at your forum activity after the accusations. If you wanted to be a part of the community, especially the one to which you are submitting to, the least you could do is join the telegram group and make an effort to get to know myself and the other members. That’s usually what new people in the ecosystem do. We are actual people, we have twitter and Telegram and you can know who we are with full transparency. I’ve honestly no clue who you are, which could lead me to make any number of assumptions. I hope this advice helps you moving forward with your pursuits :pray:


Funny thing is that I actually loved and picked your entry @zuzzi. But my one vote was tied with others who had one vote too.

I hope you understand.

Take care.

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