2021-05-03 Engineering Update


If you are a team/person working on NEAR components and you want your progress updates to be included into the weekly update, please send your updates to eng-updates@near.org .


Node Interfaces

Contract Runtime

  • We merged rkyv serializer support into Wasmer for native backend, which should increase its speed benefit WebAssembly community in large!
  • We also added an option into Wasmer to use a single thread for compilation;


Transaction Runtime

  • We are almost done with the storage usage fix (we’ve been deducting more storage usage upon access key deletion then adding storage usage upon its creation);

Developer Platform

  • Check out https://tkn.farm !
  • We refactored internal handling of errors in near-api-js.


  • We had an issue with Ropsten bridge since they had 102 blocks reorg :slight_smile:
  • Our relayer is 95% done which should unblock partners waiting for our Web3 API compatibility;
  • We are actively discussing Aurora incorporation, stay tuned!