2021-03-15 Engineering Update


Node Interfaces

  • Check out our tutorial on Indexer!
  • “Missing Block” and “Unknown Block” errors are now not distinguishable, so we removed the “Missing Block” error;

Berry Pickers

Contract Runtime

  • We experimented with splitting contract execution and contract deserialization/loading into two parallel pipelines and achieved 3-4x speed on synthetic bench! Exciting!
  • We experimented with abomonation and received some improvement, however it is waaaay too unsafe, as expected :smiley:

Transaction Runtime

  • We are working on adding extra limits to make our runtime more resilient to potential attack angles;
  • We are also still working on adding versioning to various runtime structures to allow us easy future iterations on protocol improvements.



  • We reduced time spent on edge verification on our routing tables by 10x.



  • Everyone was busy preparing for the bridge launch on the Mainnet – adding upgradability, NEP-141 migration, lots of small things and fixes that needed to be taken care of by a small team of 5 people.


  • We finished refactoring and upgrading EVM contract, it now lives in aurora-is-near/aurora-engine;
  • We tested time-locked EVM contract upgradability.