Engineering Weekly Update - 2021-07-26

Brief Summary

  • Some engineering teams are trying out Zulip. Check it out here: . This will allows us to have engineering conversation public and better structured;
  • @minzhang finished NEP of resharding, this is a crucial component for launching Simple Nightshade in Q4;
  • Testnet incident, last week, allowed us to catch an issue before it made into Mainnet. In general, we are going to be exercising more restrain when adding protocol changing features that do not have a clear demand by the community;
  • Mainnet 1.20.0 release is happening today!


  • Chain + Transaction Runtime team made sure Nayduck tests pass when running parallel runtimes, this is an important step towards sharding;
  • Contract Runtime team ran fuzzing against Wasmer 0.17 and Wasmer 2 and found out that Wasmer 0.17 was not following Wasm spec in a minor way;
  • Node Experience has done major work in fuzzing the entire Runtime;
  • Node Experience has improved health metrics and status reporting;
  • Node Interfaces is inviting community to participate in UX reevaluation of Explorer!
  • Node Interfaces added JSON RPC benchmark;
  • Developer Platform is inviting community to participate in near-cli re-design;
  • Developer Platform is steadily working through a list of API issues in NEAR SDK, check out the progress here;

Challenges and Blockers

  • While we are getting more clarity on how to launch multiple fee changes in one protocol upgrade, there are some worrying discrepancies on how some of our benchmarks behave, which postpones ecrecover host function that Aurora teams needs. It also requires us to revisit design of param estimator, which is currently done by @matklad and @Longarithm ;
  • Testnet incident shows that we still lack safety measures for the protocol upgrades, and therefore we should be extremely diligent when rolling them out, specifically we should rigorously follow the quality control process;

Full Reports