Initiatives and independent projects receive funding from NFT sales and song streaming on the platform

I will experiment and this is an initiative project, I plan to create an NFT Music project where the music I work on will be released on 2 platforms web3 on and web2 via “Tik Tok” Distribution.

I distributed 2 of my songs, late last November and got about $165 USD in royalties

This is our independent step to earn income and fund our DAO.

By selling our work as NFT music, we set a full royalty to the buyer of 30% from the results of streaming music on the web2 platform, we will provide report results to NFT buyers, the results of music streaming on the web2 platform.

To split royalties, we can use smart contracts that automatically distribute payments to the many parties involved in creating the music.

It is important to carefully read and understand the terms and conditions of the platform we choose to ensure a smooth process for selling NFT music and sharing royalties on web2.

We used 50 Near proceeds from Creatives DAO funding in Potlock, and we plan to create a bounty for the community, a total of $100 USD