ZomLand <> Aurora integration

Project Name: ZomLand
Project URL: https://zomland.com/
Project’s X (Twitter): https://twitter.com/Zomland_Game
Discord Server Address: Discord

About The Game

ZomLand is an immersive and engaging play-to-earn (P2E) NFT card game with a unique twist, allowing players to take on the role of leading an army of zombies and monsters in battles against other users worldwide. The combination of exciting gameplay mechanics and the collectible nature of NFTs adds depth and excitement to the gaming experience.

On the NEAR blockchain, players can collect and trade game assets such as zombies and lands, participate in various in-game activities like battles and joining clans, as well as stake their assets to earn ZML tokens. This integration of blockchain technology not only enhances the ownership and value of in-game assets but also provides opportunities for players to earn real rewards through their participation and contributions to the game.

With its innovative gameplay mechanics and the potential for players to earn rewards, ZomLand has the makings of a highly popular and successful game within the NEAR ecosystem.

Proposal Subject

Launching ZomLand on the Aurora chain sounds like an exciting expansion, especially considering its success on NEAR and Meter.io. The proposed budget of $6000 to cover development work and launch on Aurora within a month seems reasonable, considering the complexities involved in implementing cross-chain solutions and ensuring seamless integration with a new blockchain network.

This investment would likely yield significant benefits in terms of expanding ZomLand’s user base and ecosystem reach, particularly within the Aurora community. It’s an investment worth considering for the continued growth and success of ZomLand.

Current KPIs (10 of May, 2024)

Source: https://dappradar.com/dapp/zomland?range-ha=3m&range-ds=30d

Ecosystem impact

Leveraging ZomLand’s status as one of the top active games on NEAR can have a significant marketing impact. Highlighting its success within the NEAR ecosystem not only boosts ZomLand’s visibility but also enhances Aurora’s reputation as a platform that curates the best games and communities.

Promoting the collaboration between ZomLand and Aurora can generate hype around ZMA token on Aurora and attract more users to participate in new events post-launch. It’s a win-win situation that strengthens both platforms and fosters a vibrant gaming community.


For the Aurora blockchain, we can develop a distinct version of Zomland that is entirely separate from the NEAR blockchain version. While we will utilize the general game logic and the existing visual interface (images and website layout), this new version will require extensive work to launch in Aurora environment (EVM).

The NEAR version operates using Rust smart contracts, whereas the Aurora version will employ separate Solidity smart-contracts and a NodeJS backend to manage various aspects of the gameplay logic.

The specific gameplay for the Aurora EVM version includes:

  • Lands Page: Mint land NFTs and discover lands to find ZMA tokens, inventory, or modifiers.
  • Zombies Page: Mint zombies from user lands daily, provide a list of zombies with filters, upgrade zombies using modifiers, kill zombies to obtain ZMA tokens, and enable transfer and sale of zombies in the internal market.
  • Monsters Page: Merge zombies to create monsters and provide a list of user monsters with filters.
  • Inventory Page: List inventory items with the ability to sell them in the internal market.
  • Modifiers Page: List zombie modifiers with the ability to sell them in the internal market.
  • Market: An internal store where users can buy/sell lands, zombies, monsters, inventory, and modifiers.
  • Clans: List of clans where users can create/join clans, with detailed clan pages including participants and clan battles.
  • Roulette: Feature allowing users to use ZMA tokens in a roulette game with a chance to win up to 36x of their bet.
  • Leaderboard: List of the top clans and players based on clan battles rating.
  • Statistics: General game statistics including the count of registered players, active players, total zombies/monsters killed and minted, ZMA token usage, DAU chart, and lands availability.
  • Staking Page: Ability to stake ZMA tokens to earn rewards.
  • FAQ: A list of Frequently Asked Questions about the game.

To launch Zomland on the Aurora blockchain, we will:

  1. Complete Solidity smart contracts for ZMA tokens, lands, zombies, monsters, inventory, modifiers, clans, staking, and the market.
  2. Deploy a total of 10 smart contracts.
  3. Create a NodeJS backend for in-game events that can communicate with the smart contracts.
  4. Deploy the NodeJS server and complete the production setup.
  5. Develop the website interface using the existing graphics and visuals, incorporating a MetaMask wallet connector. The entire website interface will need to be integrated with the Solidity smart contracts through the wallet connector.

This significant effort will ensure that the new version of Zomland on the Aurora blockchain is robust, functional, and offers a seamless experience for players.

Budget breakdown

Description Timeline Amount (USD)
Development work 1 month 6000
Short marketing campaign from ZomLand side ~1 week -
Launching event and ZMA airdrop ~1 week -
Preparing ZMA/AURORA liquidity pool based on 2 month game income 2 months after TGE TBA

Requested Amount

6000 USDT/USDC.e