Gaming DAO Activity Report for December/January

In December and January, Gaming DAO actively contributed to developing the gaming industry on the NEAR platform by financing three promising gaming projects and one marketing initiative.

Supported projects


An interactive P2E NFT card game with exciting gameplay and a lot of fun. You assume the role of the leader of an army of zombies and monsters to battle with other users around the world.

The proposal:

Achievements (detailed report)

  • Completion of the first milestone.

  • Significant increase in transactions and Unique Active Wallets (UAW).

  • Dev development has been completed:

    1. Fixed Arena bugs received from community
    2. Calculate activity points from battles and integrate accounts from Near Social
    3. Added referral functionality regarding referral program
    4. Added TOP ZML holder stats
  • Dapps Radar Statistics for the last 30 days:

    • UAW: 289
    • Transactions: 9.25k
    • Volume: $2.37k
    • Balance: $10.32k

Alignment with Gaming DAO Metrics

  • OKR: Support NEAR Gaming Ecosystem.
  • KR: Growth in active gaming audience.
  • KPI: Increase in Unique Active Wallets (UAW).

Next Steps

  • Allocation of funds for the implementation of the second milestone.

Boneyard Gaming

An initiative to promote games on the Near platform, aimed at developing the gaming community. Key activities include active interaction on social media (especially on Twitter), hosting gaming nights every Friday, organizing tasks and rewards through Heroes Build on the NEAR blockchain, an educational campaign by Ludero to teach the community about gaming on NEAR, and the Zealy Sprint dedicated to gaming on NEAR.

The proposal:

Achievements (detailed report)

  • Creation and dissemination of gaming marketing content on Twitter.
  • Twitter Analytics: 40.3K impressions, 194 link clicks, 337 retweets, 298 responses.
  • Audience engagement through Zealy platform: 119 participants, 878 completed quests.

Alignment with Gaming DAO Metrics

  • OKR: Elevate NEAR’s Brand Awareness.
  • KR: Expand NEAR’s online presence.
  • KPI: Social media growth metrics.

Blocksy Royale

An innovative 2D top-down MMO shooter that adeptly combines the intensity of battle royale gameplay with strategic mining elements. Capable of accommodating up to 1000 players simultaneously, the game is notable for its unique fusion of concepts inspired by ‘Curiosity – What’s Inside the Cube’ and traditional 2D shooters, similar to Counterstrike 2D. The primary objective in Blocksy Royale is strategic resource management: players mine blocks scattered throughout the game world, with the ultimate victory awarded to the player who mines the last block. To enhance gameplay, a variety of weapons are available, enabling robust player-versus-player combat in a free-for-all format.

The proposal:

Achievements (detailed report)

  • Addition of Game Menu and Account System:
    • The game now supports an account system that tracks progress and inventory for all players logged in with a NEAR wallet.
    • A game menu has been added to the website and within the game itself, laying the foundation for future features like skin selection.
  • Introduction of a Leaderboard System and Reward Distribution:
    • Every 10 minutes, the top 10 players’ leaderboard is saved on-chain.
    • At the end of each game, the final results are also persisted on-chain.
  • Addition of More Weapons to the Game:
    • The weapon system has been completely reworked to support diverse and complex behaviors.
    • Seven new weapons have been added so far: Desert Eagle, Uzi, Grenade Launcher, Lightning Gun, Shotgun, Sniper Rifle, Block Spawner.
  • Revision of Graphics and Addition of Effects:
    • Reworking of tilesets and characters: fixed numerous glitches and scaling issues.
    • Addition of particle effects.
    • Implementation of walking animations.
    • On-hit and healing effects.
    • Complete overhaul of projectile visuals.
  • Completion and Integration of the NEAR Contract into the Account System:
    • The contract is deployed on the Testnet and fully integrated into the account system.

Alignment with Gaming DAO Metrics

  • OKR: Support NEAR Gaming Ecosystem.
  • KR: Increase in the number of developed games.
  • KPI: Number of games launched.

Near Kingdoms

Multiplayer online strategy game in the 4X genre with a Play-to-Earn (P2E) economy based on the Near blockchain. Players create and develop their cities, build powerful armies, collect resources, form alliances with other players, conquer lands, and participate in in-game events.

The proposal:


  • Ongoing active development.
  • The first milestone has not yet achieved.

SMM Report

  • Achievements:
    • Creation and dissemination of content about games on NEAR on Twitter and Telegram.
    • Twitter: 33,900 impressions, 179 link clicks, 153 retweets, 605 likes, 80 responses.
    • Telegram: 2061 impressions.

Alignment with Gaming DAO Metrics:

  • OKR: Elevate NEAR’s Brand Awareness.
  • KR: Expand NEAR’s online presence.
  • KPI: Social media growth metrics.

Detailed report: Gaming DAO SMM Report

Consuls General Report

Analysis and Selection of Proposals: All three consuls actively participated in the analysis and selection of 26 proposals aimed at developing the gaming industries of NEAR and Aurora. This process included a thorough assessment of each proposal, evaluating their potential and alignment with the strategic goals of Gaming DAO and NDC.

Strategy Development and Resource Planning: The consuls discussed strategies with the authors of the eight most promising proposals, developing detailed plans (milestones) for project financing.

Personalized Feedback and Project Support: The consuls provided individual feedback to all teams, regardless of whether their proposals were approved or not. They helped teams improve their proposals and provided guidance on using NEAR technologies.

Interaction with Other DAOs and Collaborative Work: Evgeny, in particular, conducted negotiations with other DAOs, including Marketing and Aurora DAO, to coordinate joint work.

Monitoring and Evaluation of Project Stages: The consuls closely collaborated with each approved project to establish and monitor milestones, ensuring that they met both the project’s goals and the strategic objectives of Gaming DAO.

Education and Mentorship: Consultations and support in the field of innovative NEAR technologies, including smart contracts and Blockchain Operating Systems (BOS).

Personal reports

Evgeny - Gaming DAO Council Report December and January

Daniel - Gaming DAO Council Report December + January

Jeff - Gaming DAO Council Report December + January


During the period from December to January, Gaming DAO demonstrated significant activity aimed at the development of the gaming industry on the NEAR platform. The implementation of financing for gaming projects and marketing initiatives allowed it to achieve important strategic goals, including the growth of an active gaming audience and an increase in the use of Unique Active Wallets (UAW), as well as increasing the number of gaming projects built on the NEAR platform.

Gaming DAO faces the task of continuing to support gaming projects and initiating new collaborations to further contribute to the growth and development of the gaming industry on the NEAR platform.

Best wishes, Gaming Dao team