[Approved] Sep 2022 Social Media promotion budget for ZomLand P2E game


ZomLand is an interactive P2E NFT card game with exciting gameplay and a lot of fun. You take on the leader’s role of the army of zombies and monsters to battle with other users all over the world.

Right now we are looking of Social Media promotion budget to expand our shilling strategy and start preparing for listing ZML token

Website (Resource links on site at the bottom)

Funding scheme: One-time
Initiative summary:

  • Expected impact and value you foresee for the NEAR ecosystem/community

    • ZomLand right now the biggest game on NEAR. In top 10 of txn amount. We are going to be the most popular p2e game on NEAR. It will have a good impact on NEAR ecosystem and will popularize games on NEAR
  • Metrics for measuring success

    • Increase amount of subscribers from 0.8 → 2.5-3k on Twitter
    • Discord from 1.5k → 2.5k
    • total players 6.6k → 8-10k
  • Estimated timeline and achievement milestones

    • End of Oct 2022.
  • Link to similar, previously funded forum proposal

  • Funding Details

    • Total requested amount in USD and NEAR
      • 10k USD (~2.2k NEAR) which will include: video graphic intros 2x1k, weekly / monthly posts or reviews from influencers (2 month - 2x2k, giveaways 2-3x0.5, project review, youtube reviews (at least 5) - 1.5k, community rewards - rest of amount)
  • NEAR Wallet ID / DAO: rubycop.near

  • Wallet owner’s name: Andrii


Will $10,000 be spent on developers’ salaries? Describe in more detail the distribution of the budget between developers. For what kind of work will each person receive a certain payment?If you have previously received approval for funding, attach the latest report to this proposal with the budget allocation.
Thx :blush:

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Right now we splited out dev and marketing budget.

10k USD (~2.2k NEAR) which will include: video graphic intros 2x1k, weekly / monthly posts or reviews from influencers (2 month - 2x2k, giveaways 2-3x0.5, project review, youtube reviews (at least 5) - 1.5k, community rewards - rest of amount)

We are planning to spend them only on marketing - providing massive marketing campaign and prepare for token sales.

We already received funds from Human Guild for dev work (developing “Battle arena”) 6k NEAR. https://app.astrodao.com/dao/human.sputnik-dao.near/proposals/human.sputnik-dao.near-120
You can talk with some of Human Guild guys (Eugene is an contact person for us from HG). We provided reporting for them and money spends.


Your game shows excellent statistics. I do not know if the marketing consuls will consider such an amount acceptable for marketing. You are planning a good attraction of new participants. I hope most of the new users will not be associated with Near and thanks to you they will become new and full-fledged users of the Near ecosystem.
Thx :blush:

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I hope so.

NEAR is not very popular in games right now. So our goal to start popularizing games. And thanks for all who are doing that :muscle:

We will start marketing on September to prepare community before launching the full version
Because right now it’s not enough amount of users.

BTW we are active participants in NEAR life and would be nice to make a new partnership/collab and hear a feedback from NEAR directly.

Good evening! Happy to support! Looking forward to having AMA with Zomland in our Community

@kmotiv on Tg.


The zomland game is included in the top 10 projects of the Near ecosystem by transactions. The game shows itself from an excellent side, the community is happy with the work of the team and the whole project as a whole. @illia , why, due to the lack of feedback from the consuls and moderators, this proposal should be in limbo for 2 weeks. Without receiving consideration of the offer and the lack of money for marketing, teams have to postpone the set dates, this affects the mood of users and the reputation of the Near ecosystem. We were able to create quick transactions, but we can’t make quick reviews of offers? @marieke.flament I ask you to pay attention to this problem.
Thx :blush:

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Hi @ZomLand

Have you considered putting this proposal through the grants team?

Have you already received funding from the grants team?

Please clarify:
Video graphic intros 2x$1k

  • Do you have examples of the video graphic intros you’ve produced?

Weekly / monthly posts or reviews from influencers (2 month - 2x2k)

  • Are you saying you will get 1 influencer video per week for 2 months?

  • So would that be a total of 10 influencer posts / reviews?

  • Do you know which influencers you will be engaging with?

Giveaways 2-3x0.5

  • Is it one or two giveaways?

  • How are you planning on running the giveaway (what is the giveaway, the format, selection processs) etc?

Usually, with first-time projects we try to focus on getting the first monthly approved before approving future work.

Would you consider adjusting your proposal for what you could accomplish in one month?

Ok, I think better to switch into excel/ google doc - where we’ll describe services/blogers we want to purchase. And you’ll pick how much are you ready to help

Please provide us contact person for whom I can share a doc
and probably let’s continue discussions in telegram, etc for quicker response?

Thanks for your proposal,

I have a strong gaming thesis to support the growth of the NEAR ecosystem - we need projects that bring new users and keep them engaged regardless of the price of crypto as well as projects that demonstrate what can be done with the NEAR tech stack and serve as an example to others.

I also note that Zomland has consistently been among the top smart contracts by daily transactions, the team had a presence at NEARCON, has been collaborating with trusted Community Funding verticals such as Human Guild and reputable projects such as Meta Pool.

I am happy to support this proposal and see how far we can push this game.

My only comment is to ensure you find a way to make the most of these resources. $10k is a significant amount of money. Top dollar should yield top results. Think about your strategy and pay for third party service providers if necessary.


Hi @ZomLand thanks for your proposal.

I have looked at your project and see that you have recieved a Grant from Human Guild for development, so i am happy to support.

Now moving to Approved. Please make a Poll on Astro

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Thank you a lot. As I said we’ll provide a doc with services which we chosen.
We already start working on that

Thank you @satojandro !
We’ll do the best :sunglasses:. And will have a complete game to the end of this year :rocket:

Good morning, could you please share a report? Thanks

We didn’t receive funds from NEAR so far

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Whom I have to contact to receive funds?

Could you please share your progress report. I am still waiting for your reply.
Thx :blush:

Yes sure. We’ve received money from NF a few weeks ago and start marketing. We can create a tg working group to discuss it detaily

Great idea. Where can i send an application? Telegram?
Thx :relieved: