Young Fresh Dao Equipments for live studio sessions, for self sustainability

Young fresh Dao community is not only active in the digital space, we are also very active with physical activities, we would like to invest in gears that allows hosts live music session, have studio recordings and interview session with artistes. This step will help us run our activities smoothly, save rental fees, and work towards self sustainability of the dao.

The idea is to get a physical space with all live music instruments, a space that would be used for live music perfomances and interviews from musicians, this space can also be rented by live band musicians for rehearsals and interviews.
Live music has a different way of connecting with people, live music is original.

To explain the use of the space , with a video of a live rehearsal we had in a rented space.

In the long run, we are aiming to partner with celebrities and mainstream musicians by giving them free live band sessions to promote our community.
The idea is to save some part of our budget in stable coin monthly for this to be achievable, we are still in search for a space in a commercial area but we will be purchasing a live studio mic this month for performances and events
Amazon link to Shure Sm7b mic
This mic will help us cut down some expenses as it will be used in our next event Rhythm circle for performances and for sudsequent events too

budget : 380$

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Hello @williamx , Thank you once again for your reply, we have updated this proposal and made new changes to give a clearer view. If our answers are not clear enough, we are open to make more clarification or remove this proposal from our monthly budget, we will be glad to use advice.

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