[WORKSHOP] NFTs & Marketing 5.12.21

As we have onboarded several visual artists and encouraged them to also create NFTs, what would be better than also giving them some advice on how to work within that area, the right ways of promotion and how to get started at all?

Therefore we have invited @starpause to give a workshop in November where he will share his experiences & expertise with the participants.

The workshop will happen on the 5.12., link for the event is here https://www.facebook.com/events/740908273969274.
We will record & upload the workshop afterwards.

After the workshop the amount of 50 USD/4.7N can be claimed by @starpause :slight_smile:


@starpause Thank you so much for the workshop!

Please submit your payout proposal of 4.7N to our DAO


Thank you for the opportunity to present and for promoting the workshop alongside CODAME! Great collaboration. Here is a proposal to split half of the donations we received:

If anyone wants to watch the full workshop video it’s possible to get the link by signing up at Workshop: How to Sell NFT Crypto Art CODAME ART+TECH ~ you will automatically get a link to the timestamped youtube.

CODAME is also looking for help with creation of 1 minute highlight edits of the workshop. If you are interested in a bounty like that please reply here or DM!


Thank you for doing this & for providing so much helpful info!
Hopefully this was not the last CODAME x muti collab :heart:


Thank you @starpause !
The workshop was great.

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Great workshop. Thank you @starpause

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