Wizards' Guild

Guild Name: Wizards’ Guild

Guild Leader(s): [@Node000]

Guild SputnikDAO Address:

Guild Location (if focused on a specific geography): International

Guild Details: A wizarding school for the dark arts of DeFi.

Due to the rapid growth in DeFi on NEAR, it’s important that users receive guidance on how to interact with these new financial DApps. We aim to provide support by:

1. Creating animations that demonstrate DeFi MAGIC spells that maximize yield.

2. Creating DeFi infographics and memes about arcane DeFi MAGIC.

3. Providing technical support on our Telegram channel for our pupils.

4. Developing educational flyers about DeFi MAGIC for distribution at community events.

How exactly will NEAR Protocol benefit from our guild?

1. Bring existing DeFi DApps from other blockchains to NEAR.

2. Bring developers to NEAR to create new DeFi DApps.

3. Communicate with NEAR developers on how their DeFi dapps can be used in conjunction with other NEAR DeFi DApps.

4. Provide feedback to existing NEAR DeFi DApps via our community of testers.

5. Communicate user feedback regarding NEAR DeFi DApp friction points and errors and offer improvement suggestions to developers.

6. Bring new users to NEAR from other Blockchains by demonstrating the power of our spells and potions- higher yield, speed, ease of use, and lower fees.

What you’ll get by joining the NEAR Wizards’ Guild?

  • Opportunity to receive airdrops, bounties, tips, and treasures for your participation in the group and by testing new DeFi DApps.
  • Inside information that you can use to receive high APY before it’s diluted.
  • Arcane spells that can increase your MAGIC level.
  • The EXP you need to advance from a Guild pupil to powerful DeFi wizard- slay your own dragons or join a party of warriors.

What needs to be done to manage the Guild?

The Wizards’ Guild Telegram will start as an English group but as it grows, will offer an additional Russian language group.

  • English and Russian speaking Telegram moderators, fully trained in the arcane arts, will offer technical support to our pupils to boost their spells. A DAO may be required to manage funds in the future.


Our Wizarding school will communicate lessons using animations, infographics, memes and hand-outs. These spells will include steps such as: converting fiat into MAGIC internet money, trading on AMMs, providing liquidity, farming, lending, borrowing and leveraging. ABRACADABRA!

About KPI.

Our long term goal is to form a city node and to help people locally grow their wealth using our spells and potions. Our alumni will work closely with developers to create DApps that when combined with our spells, generate generational wealth. We aim to get to complete our quest by growing our community on Telegram, holding community events, and partnering with others in the NEAR DeFi ecosytem.

Our metrics should be based on the number of pupils in our community Telegram each month. The size of our community should demonstrate the overall level of interest in DeFi on NEAR and the health of our ecosystem. We aim to grow our community by fifty members per month and we will produce at least one DeFi MAGIC spell animation per month (demonstrating the latest strategy for maximizing your profit using DeFi).

Want to join our Guild?

TG: Telegram: Contact @DeFiWizards


Really excited for the DeFi Wizards guild!
cc: @Awen, @kendall , @blaze


Official Twitter- https://twitter.com/defiwizards/

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Our VR Wizarding school of arcane DeFi knowledge has been created- Cryptovoxels

We would like to decorate the VR space in magic themed NEAR NFTs. Please contribute and drop your NFTs- https://twitter.com/DeFiWizards/status/1425845330088767488?s=20


We created a token- MAGIC.TKN.NEAR and added a pool on Ref.Finance Ref Finance

$MAGIC token has a supply of 333 billion.

The token will be used to reward community members and we aim to add $MAGIC to the NEAR tip-bot. Tokens can also be used to buy the most advanced spells or pay for 1 on 1 consultations. We will also airdrop Magic themed NFTs to our community members and we are currently selling medieval themed NFTs to raise funds for a children’s hospital https://twitter.com/DeFiWizards/status/1429111245211308032?s=20

We are increasing the utility of $MAGIC with the following services:
33 million $MAGIC fee for advanced spells
99 million $MAGIC fee for 1 on 1 DeFi consultation and custom spells
99 million $MAGIC fee for 1 week of Twitter promotion for NEAR DApps or token projects

The Wizards’ Guild is selling Medieval NFTs on Mintbase to raise funds for a local children’s hospital- https://twitter.com/DeFiWizards/status/1429111245211308032?s=20

The Wizards’ Guild is sponsoring a car racing event- https://twitter.com/DeFiWizards/status/1437678429613273090?s=20

The founders of the Wizards’ Guild will be giving a presentation about demystifying DeFi at the September OWS party and will be participating in the live panel discussion- https://twitter.com/DeFiWizards/status/1438065537121230849?s=20

The Wizards’ Guild lectured students about NFTs and Blockchain- https://twitter.com/kMl7gZKnLpS7avq/status/1445432858038915074?s=20

The Wizards’ Guild launched our first spell- https://twitter.com/DeFiWizards/status/1446009651141750785?s=20

Some updates:
The Wizards’ Guild sponsored a local car racing event, released several spell NFTs and animation, participated in online NEAR ecosystem community events, and successfully produced an ecosystem DeFi review YouTube video.

We are now formally requesting guild funding.

The Wizards’ Guild will be attending the TNABC Bitcoin convention in Miami and Miami Blockchain week in January 2022.