Why I can't use assembly script for building 721 NFT smart contract?

Hi all. I read that assembly script not recommend use for financial applications (Smart Contract Overview | NEAR Documentation). I want to create smart contract for 721 token with auction. Can I use assembly script for this or rust will be better? Why?

Hello Den. Yes you can use Assembly for your project. But Rust is a low level programing language.

Rust’s performance is outstanding and comparable to C and C++, which are often regarded as the highest-performance compiled languages. Unlike these older languages, Rust offers memory safety and concurrency safety at essentially no cost in execution speed.

One of the most popular characteristic is how memory works and are handle.

According to the Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2020, Rust is the most popular programming language. It won the title for the fifth year running, and the good news hardly ends there. Also in 2020, Linux kernel developers proposed including Rust in Linux Kernel, which was originally written in C. Quite recently, Facebook joined the Rust Foundation, an organization driving the development of the language Rust, with the intention of helping it go mainstream.

In my opinion Rust will become one of the most powefull programing language.

Hope this help!!!

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