What's up with all this NEAR related email spam?

Guys, if this is your idea of marketing, the only thing it is good for is ensuring people are marking NEAR as a scam in any relevant crypto ranking sites.

This all is from just two weeks.

If this is not intended, better try to find this spammer since he really does not help.

Hey @concerned_about_spam,

This certainly doesn’t look right. We do send out newsletters, but definitely not this frequently.

What’s the content of the emails like? Can you forward one (or a few!) to david@near.foundation please?

Thanks for raising it :muscle:

Thanks, will do.

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Did some digging on this, and on the email addresses from the emails you forwarded to me.

None of them have any direct relation with NEAR Foundation or NEAR Inc. The only relation is the content.

To be honest, they seem like spam. I’d recommend blocking the email addresses of those who sent you the emails.

Appreciate your vigilance, thanks for raising this!