[PROPOSAL] The Penmanship Guild: Good Day Mixtape

Projects & Timelines : The Penmanship Guild educates independent artists on how to conceptualize, produce, market, distribute and promote musical releases from the early production and writing stages to the final album release and event, our 3 phase plan will cycle every 6 months. Plan and budget subject to change based on the needs of the project.

PHASE I ( Jan - Feb ): Writing and producing music
PHASE II ( Mar - Apr ): Strategy and distribution
PHASE III ( May - June ): Marketing and Event Production

Month 1

The first steps of The Penmanship Guild program are to onboard, connect and create. Our 1st initiative will take place in Las Vegas, NV during the first weekend of February (2/4/22-2/6/22) Connect the Coast will book the studio time, engineer, lodging and transportation (for those that need it). During the studio writing retreat participants receive tutorials on how to mint NFT on mintbase.io they will have the option to create there own Paras.id card

Community Website: https://www.connectthecoast.co/about-8

Funding Address (DAO): https://app.astrodao.com/dao/ctc-dao.sputnik-dao.near 1

Community Chat: Telegram: Join Group Chat 1

Instagram: Coming Soon

Twitter: Coming Soon

Treasurer: ConnecttheCoast.Near



Las Vegas studio session

Travel & Lodging

  • Van Rental (2/4/22 - 2/6/22) $500
  • Gas $200
  • Hotel Rooms (2/4/22 - 2/6/22) $2,000
  • Recording engineer $250
  • Photographer/Videographer $350
  • Security $300

Month 2

TPG in conjunction with Connect the Coast will partner with independent black and brown artists from Califonia’s central coast to attend a writing camp, produce and release a 4-10 song original EP complete NFTs, and host an official hybrid IRL/metaverse event to celebrate and promote the project. In January TPG selected 10 artists to attend our first writing camp in Las Vegas, NV we were able to complete four and 2 strong ideas during the retreat. February’s budget will be used to finalize the production of the songs we wrote in Las Vegas (i.e. mixing, mastering, featured artist etc.) We’ll also be securing placements on web2 platforms to bring more attention to the NEAR ecosystem. Lastly we hired a videographer to help us create a short form NFT documentary, that we’ll be released as short NFT segments throughout all 3 phases.

  • Mix engineer $300
  • Mastering engineer $250 (per version 4 versions recommended)
  • Feature deposit $800
  • Hire NFT artist $650 (+ 5% of forever royalties)
  • Music video director deposit $500
  • Hire community manager $350
  • Secure non-visual web2 placements (Thizzler, UGHHBlog, etc.) $1,150
  • Research venues for the finale event

Month 3

In the 3rd month of phase one we would complete a music video, setup web2 distribution (Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Tidal etc.) and hire our work for hire marketing arm.

Shooting, minting & distributing

  • Complete music video $1,000 (balance)
  • Hire a design team for marketing assets $350 (album artwork & social media flyers)
  • KWWV Sponsorship $1,500 (per month 3 month minimum)
  • Feature Balance $1,700
  • Vote on the finale venue

Month 4

Premiering,pitching & planning

  • Book month 6 event venue $1,000 deposit
  • PR retainer $500-700
  • Book month 6 event openers
  • Community manager retainer $350
  • Vote on month 6 studio location
  • WSHH or equivalent video premier placement $1,000
  • Second music video $500 deposit

Month 5

  • Final PR retainer $500-700
  • Merch order for month 6 event $1,000
  • Community manager retainer $350
  • Complete and release second music video $500 (balance)
  • Book month 6 studio $1,000

Month 6

  • Month 6 event security & staff $1,000
  • Mint NEAR, SOL & XTZ NFTs $300
  • Van rental & gas $700
  • Recording engineer $250
  • Photographer/Videographer $350
  • Security $300

Repeat months 2-5

20% of all event profits will be redirected to Creative DAO

10% of forever royalties from all NFTs will be directed to Creative DAO