[vote reespect] read my manifesto, share my excitement

it is election day!! the start of the first ever ndc election and probably the first of its kind in the entire web3 space. we are truly in a revolutionary time.
so congratulations!! congratulations to all of us for being a part of this…and for making it this far.

i am reespect, a rap artist, computer scientist and creative technologist.
the founder of planet lukukul; a storytelling world where we solve real life problems and birth social innovation through building it and building community around it.
a council member at near writer’s guild and rising dao, also a very active contributor within the ecosystem…and apparently have done that long enough to be an og​:joy::pray:t5:
grateful for all that i am, but it’s enough about me.

let me tell you why i intend to focus on in the council of advisors

new member retention: a major dilemma we have is new member retention, i propose an automated system that allows us spot and meet our new members, this way they get enough visibility to get the help they need, add value and grow.
so many people have fallen off not for lack of interest but simply because they couldn’t reach where they are needed.

branding > marketing : as a previous brand strategist to arguably one of the biggest media agencies in nigeria; red media, i cannot overstate the importance of projects on near to invest more in branding. strategize around it, employ for it, create for it. as they say “marketing is asking someone on a date, branding is the reason they say yes”

intersectionality: more than anything i am passionate about this, i live this. we do a lot of talking around it but it’s time to lean into it wholeheartedly because if near is to be the people’s blockchain, then it has got to see the people! the interconnected nature of our categorization. every race, gender and class needs to belong.

bridging the gap between the creatives, the technologists and the culture shapers:
as opposed to the divisive narrative being spread amongst us, i see a united front. where we build better because we work together. where the values every vertical adds is appreciated and improved on. we cannot allow the agenda division win. we are here figuring out on chain governance, definitely, figuring out metrics systems that don’t sideline any vertical is possible. surely.

broadened reach of collabs: near is poised to be the blockchain of blockchains. especially with the very talked about bos! it’s time to take our collaborations to the next step. not only would it build sustainability for projects in the ecosystem, it would increase our visibility and make us shiny examples. we would be talking that talk and walking that walk.

give voice to unorthodox ideas: i understand when people say “if it’s not broken don’t fix it”
but what we are doing here is bigger than that! it’s laying the foundation for billions of people. billions. and so we need to reinvent the wheels as many times as it takes.
it’s time to give more ears to the unorthodox ideas, to the people thinking outside the box.
my mum says “when you’ve checked the places you think you kept it and you don’t find it, check the places you could never have kept it”
listen to my mum guys, she’s wise :face_exhaling:
and of course, everything needs balance.

these are a few of the things i intend to bring forward. i don’t only bring things forward, i see them through…even in the face of injustice.

so today as you go vote


vote reespect, vote real coolness. it’s a vote for the people.