[Project] NEAR Subgraph Directory and Development

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Vital Point AI is a NEAR guild - see our introduction post or visit our website.

Vital Point Academy (the training arm of our guild) recently released our free course on developing subgraphs for NEAR

It was made possible by The Graph/NEAR integration and since it’s release, Vital Point AI has been doing an increasing amount of subgraph development for individuals and projects in the ecosystem. For example:

  1. Daaplooker – using a ref.finance subgraph we built for an analytics dashboard (Dapplooker and https://twitter.com/dapplooker/status/1486701695341977607?t=N5rUz4p1LFptk2WBXs1pAA&s=19 )

  2. We supplied custom Paras subgraph for an artist to lookup NFT data

  3. We’ve since expanded the Paras subgraph to encompass the entire contract

  4. We built and deployed three subgraphs for the Cheddar project; and

  5. Recently had a member join our guild interested in developing a Burrow subgraph…

There’s obviously demand and Vital Point AI is well-positioned with the expertise to quickly provide subgraphs that the entire NEAR ecosystem can leverage.

NEAR Subgraph Directory and Development Project

Our Intent

We intend to prioritize and produce/deploy subgraphs for contracts that show up on NEAR testnet/mainnet starting with the most popular ones while also providing an intake process for people to request subgraphs for their own projects.

We intend to put these subgraphs into a directory with an accessible interface and provide/maintain these subgraphs for use by anyone in the ecosystem. Instead of trying to learn subgraph development, developers can first check the repository and use and existing subgraph (unless they want to learn subgraph development, of course).

Vital Point AI could provide subgraph development as a paid service, but we’d rather not do that and are seeking grant funding from NEAR to avoid this. We believe these subgraphs will help accelerate development and innovation in the ecosystem and think it would be beneficial if they were freely available/open-source and easily accessible for people to use in their apps - especially if they don’t have the technical expertise/resources available to run their own indexer.

This directory will also save a good deal of time/effort and avoid people doing duplicate work. Barring specialized use cases or more complex relationships that can be built into them, a subgraph for a contract will typically be pretty much the same for every project using it.

We see the end-state here being a NEAR subgraph directory that developers can leverage for use in their projects/products, helping them avoid the time it takes to get a subgraph developed/working properly and avoid the complexity associated with running an indexer for their applications.

It’s also about Guild community growth

We intend to use subgraph development as a means to bring more people into the guild. Coding subgraphs is relatively straight forward and a good introduction for people wanting to get into NEAR development. We will be offering facilitated courses in addition to our self-directed course to build up a cadre of people in the guild capable of doing this subgraph development.

join us

We envision this to be an open-ended project where we will provide funded opportunities to our guild members to create subgraphs for contracts as they are deployed to mainnet/testnet. You can think of them as bounties/opportunities that also serve to improve the development skills of our members (fairly straightforward/good intro to development for someone just starting out).

If that sounds appealing to you - please join us.

It’s also about accelerating the Open Web

This project leverages web 3 tech including NEAR, Ceramic, and The Graph. It will be an easily searchable, ever-expanding repository of subgraphs for developers to use in their applications, promoting composability and accelerating innovative use cases by lowering the barrier to entry to getting more performant dapps up and running.

Call to Action

Reach out to me here on or on Discord if you:

  • want to learn and potentially get paid for subgraph development (pending approval of grant funding)

  • are a project owner and would like a subgraph for your project, dashboard, or other reason

  • have educational requests that you want us to cover in Vital Point Academy

  • just want to join our community

Thanks for your time and attention.

Aaron @ALuhning

@Grace @jiten123321