[UPDATE] Tulumcoin DAO Weekly Report Nov 28, 2022

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Steph, let me know what to add if I missed anything

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I was unaware of any of this as I have not been informed of anything else prior except for the request by Steph via email for us to approve new members into the DAO this past week, which I immediately approved. Also in the same email the intention to set up a PHD process to bring in Tulum local organizations and local community feedback being worked on, which I also am in agreement with. As far as the comms strategy document I recall when it was created as it was a bit over a month ago. I am not sure what has progressed since then.

I was not tagged on this update, nor the previous one. As far as I had been made to believe, all team meetings and actions were halted until the internal situation was resolved, internally but I am glad to see progress. Would love to see the NFT collection as well as the cooperative document if/when possible. Thank you.
Happy Holidays.
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