[Update] On Krisullis DAO

Over the past week the Krisullis DAO has opened up slots for creatives. It is awarding $150 to creatives within the DAO who mention or hashtag Krisullis in their work (podcasts, blogs, webinars etc). An exciting way to spread the work of Krisullis and NEAR inclusive.

We have rolled out contributors payment for March, who made their proposals on the Krisullis DAO and more so, we are continuously adding new members and contributors to our DAO.

Our focus is on bridging the educational gap and aiding people to seamlessly transition from WEB 2 to WEB 3, and through our community, this is steadily being achieved.

Weekly sessions by members of the community are rising, and just over the weekend a session on Sustainability and WEB 3 was done, and it was enlightening to see the needfulness and inter-relation between these two concepts. Also, an Ask Me Anything with Naveen Kandwal, founder of NEAR NFT club was organised over the past week and this was indeed an informative session on NFTs.

Our Caroline, Ashton and Sahana were present at the Inaugural World Dubai Forum Event that took place on the 29th of March. This was both educational and informative for the members from Krisullis, as much was discussed on NFTs, digital economy and Crypto.

More was done on the Medium and Podcast page, as we aim to also educate people using the WEB 2 mediums.

Until next time!
Krisullis DAO