Krisullis onboarding creators and their communities

Dear Near family

Trust you are well :green_heart:

Through the month of Aug and well into September, Krisullis has been happy to onboard, guide and support a women’s community based out of Nigeria, ESMI.

While their mission is to give their members education to make better decisions through life, we were happy to collaborate and provide them education and the introductions into the world of possibility that web3 can offer.

Some takeaways through this on-going onboarding

  • Krisullis has created wallets for All women participating

  • We have offered guidance around NEAR protocol, Mintbase and astro DAO applications for them to explore
    _ We shared the potential to explore, test and try out bounties, tasks that helps others DAO, as well as advance their own learning in the space

  • We have a few more weeks of sessions to go through in order for them to try out NFTs, and explore things further on their own

  • Creators and those early in the blockchain space can find great degree of exposure with the right education and tools to explore and expand potential with our workshops and support

We hosted gamification author, Yu-Kai Chou this month on his book, and the drivers he talks about

We launched our Krisullis memories onto our mintbase store that represent deeper insights into our stories and our journey that one can visit in threeexr virtual gallery

More coming up because
we are JUST getting started :heart_eyes:

Coming up:
We are interviewing Giselle Mota, founder of Versd and NFTY on her own journey and contributions into the world of inclusivity in web3 especially for those with disabilities

Please feel free to reach out if you would like to know more, collaborate or if we can do anything to support your own missions.
Happy to support!

Kind regards :green_heart: :slight_smile:

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