NFTs and onboarding for Communities entering the Krisullis

Dear NEAR family

Trust you are well and safe.
We are thankful for being a part of NEAR.

As we step into month-6, our efforts to foster community and focus on the education and the tools, have led towards newer ways to deepen meaning and purpose within the Krisullis DAO.

Here are some highlights as follows:

  1. June : weekly ed sessions and workshops on mintbase, NFTs and minting
  2. Krisullis now has 3 stores on mintbase with new NEAR wallets for our Krisullis Nigeria members.
    Mintbase stores as follows :green_heart:
    a) Krisullis appreciation store- where we have sent out the on-boarding caterpillar NFT that our members minted and then airdropped to all DAO members of krisullis.

b) Krisullis Merchandise store - for the beginnings of members art and contest winners from our June contest whose representations of what the Krisullis caterpillar <> to butterfly journey mean to them

c) Krisullis Nigeria Store - which has begun to house music teasers and will follow up with more minting from members’ art and creatives, as well as some other things which the community are excited about curating, creating and minting onto the store

  1. We have had sessions on Ref finance and USN function and benefits for members to understand and practice

We have had the opportunity to understand how NFTs are a pathway to nurture belongingness, encourage creativity, allow degrees of access and much more

This we are happy to share, are next steps within Krisullis.

We are onboarding two communities dedicated to youth education in Nigeria, and we are happy to partner with them in order to onboard, educate and empower them with the tools to explore web3, NEAR and mintbase further.

Should you like to know more about our upcoming activities around community, NFTs and campaigns, please feel free to join us on telegram : krisullis

Sending you a very happy July :dancer:

Team Krisullis

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Thank you for sharing this, Caroline! What amazing work you’ve been doing. So many people have been reaching out coming from Krisullis :slight_smile:

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So glad to know that, we are always better when we work together, Regina.
Have an awesome day ahead!! :green_heart: :heart_eyes: