[UPDATE] Creatives DAO moderators update - July 2022

Here’s a quick overview and update on some of the ongoing events throughout the month of July in Creatives DAO. We thank everyone for their active engagement in all of the processes as we build our community of creatives here in the NEAR ecosystem.

Payout procedure

This month saw delays in payouts from NEAR foundation as they revised their system. This affected the entire community in various ways, so we decided to extend the usual deadline until the 15th of the month to allow time for proper reporting. We ask each DAO to report what they can with as much details as possible, as usual, and if extra days are required to fulfil some projects, this will be taken into consideration. We hope that this month’s changes will result in a much smoother process in the future for payouts.

Original PSA here:

Moderator @williamx has written a guide on the new invoicing system:

Moderators staying on to help the transition

A vote was put to the moderators and it was decided that moderators Adrian, Heverton, Monish and Ted will be staying on one more month for guidance and to assist with the transition, these moderators will leave the position at the end of August and in the meantime a plan for onboarding new moderators will be put in place to help deal with the workload and encourage further community involvement in the moderation.

Metrics & Reporting

Metrics has been a topic heavily discussed recently within our community, and as we begin to gather more practical ways of documenting our community, @adrianseneca with the help of the moderators team has put together two reports that aims to lay a solid foundation for future reporting on our DAO.

Q1 & Q2 Report
Monthly report for July:

As always, if you have questions, please feel free to reach out here in the forum or join us on the telegram group chat here.

Thank you,

The Creatives DAO moderators


I love this! Thanks all for all the efforts in making out our ecosystem great!
i’m happy that @adrianseneca @ted.iv & @Monish016 will still be there a month more, at least for guidance :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Gud day, i hve question here.? Are you saying from the day of posting reports of delayed and revising, they still havnt started to release the projects funds from ofher community and we need to wait again until 15 days to be seattled this issue of funding.? Pls correct me if im wrong.?

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Hello, Creatives Mods

I have a question here, also:

does it mean that the DAOs have. until 15th august to send the monthly reports, but to submit the monthly proposal we still have until 7th august?
thanks in advance
:slightly_smiling_face: :wink:

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@ImJami2017 I’m sorry but I’m not fully sure I understand the question, can you clarify?

@ritamaria we decided that the 15th for both reporting and proposals this month makes sense due to the delay in funding. (@ImJami2017 maybe this answers your question?



Oh…,.sorry but i was asking if the funds will take until 15 days also before it recieve from every projects.

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The timing of receiving the funds is not up to the moderators or Creatives DAO, it is directly with NEAR foundation who is the funding body.
We hope that this new change in process will speed things up in the coming months however.


Hi Ted :blush: So, We can do the report AND the proposal to August until 15/08, correct?

Thanks so much! :heart_hands:

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Yes, exactly. We advise DAOs to get theirs in ASAP, but we will be accepting up until the 15th this month due to the delays in receiving funding.

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