Translation payout German translations combined

I’m requesting payout for the translated German documents by kemo.near (C3-C9 Payout: 23.3976 Near), hauke.near (C14-C26 Payout: 32.3904 Near) and joengelh.near (Reviewed: C5-C9 and C20-C26 Payout: 11.776 Near).
Link here: LNC Translate - Google Sheets
Due to this I’m requesting total payout of 67 Near to learn-near-germany.sputnikdao.near

thanks to Kemo I was notified that I made a mistake when referencing the translated articles 14-19. these have been payed out before but this mistake only happened to me when writing this forum article, the calculations for the payout have been done correctly as we have now re-checked since the sum of the translated articles 20-26 is 32.3904 Near as I have requested through the proposal