[Proposal] Payout for translating articles ENG ➔ TR for LNC - August 2023

Hi NEAR community,

I have translated and proofread 2 articles for LNC in the month of August from English to Turkish as listed below and hereby request payment as listed on LNC.

ID Translator Rieviewer Words total payout ($USDC) translator payout ($USDC) reviewer payout ($USDC)
KGTR001 translatinator.near voico.nearr 1,111 80 64 16
KGTR002 translatinator.near voico.near 3,840 192 153.6 38.4

KGTR001 = 2.222/500x25=55,55 (Min. job fee for Germany $80 according to LNC) = $80/1,12=72 $NEAR
KGTR002 = 3,840/500x25=192/1,12=172 $NEAR

The payout is divided as follows:

translatinator.near 217.6 $USDC or 195 $NEAR (80%)

translatinator.near 54.4 $USDC or 49 $NEAR (20%)

The entire payout is 244 $NEAR, and will be requested to be sent from Learn Near Club DAO to learn-near-germany.sputnikdao.near.

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