Tooling Community Group

Tooling Community Group

We are starting this community group to encourage and structure all the discussions around Tooling. Individual builders, small and big companies - everybody are welcome!

Scope of this group

Any SDK, library, or framework that helps you to build dApps on NEAR can be discussed here. Everything that will help make a developer’s life easier or onboard users faster can be a subject for discussion. Do not limit yourself, maybe you need a new tool, language support, or even a feature on the protocol level.

Links to some of our tools:

Collaboration framework

The best place to collaborate on the existing projects is our GitHub. And, obviously, we want to use PRs, Issues, and Discussions for that.

  • Pull Request: best and fastest way to fix a bug or introduce a new feature and help the community simultaneously.

  • Issue: If you are aware of a particular problem or lack of functionality that can be fixed without rewriting half of the code base - create an issue for it. Maintainers or other community members will help you to fix it. If it’s a bug, it is a good practice to create a small PR with a failing test.

  • Discussion: Good for new big ideas, concepts, and thoughts. Productive discussions lead to new Issues (tasks) and PRs.

If your idea does not belong to any of the existing projects, you can create a new topic on this forum (don’t forget to add a “tooling” tag) or describe it in our Telegram group. Python CG is a good example.

Community group calls

NEPs and Tooling Work Group

If your proposition falls under the specification or standard categories, you can create a new PR or Discussion in NEPs repository. Check more info in README.

Community Spaces

Less structured conversations and dev support can happen in Telegram and Discord. Join the group, introduce yourself, and feel free to specify if you have any interests or topics you want to discuss/explore.


This seems like the Python Community group should be wrapped in this group as it is pretty niche at this point and not much activity and different tools should be formed into telegram topics under one chat.


I agree. I actually came here looking for the Python Community Group after watching Dennis presentation at PyChain :fire:

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excellent presentation!


It is really up to the Python Community group to decide. Community Groups are entirely decentralized and permissionless and anyone can create their own CG.