Engineering Weekly Update - WE 2022-05-28

Brief Summary :mega:

  • near-sdk-rs v4.0.0 has been released which significantly simplified our cross-contract API that not only improved our DevX but will also unblock more aggressive changes on the protocol side, like paying for gas with tokens. It has also removed near-sdk-sim which is an important step for full adoption of workspaces-rs/js.
  • Checkout this RS SDK migration doc that will assist you with migrating from 3.1.0 to 4.0.0
  • A new tutorial was published on building an NFT indexer and explains the events format.

Results :muscle:

Call for Action :speech_balloon:

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Team / Topic When?
Developer Console / Explorer First Thursday
Protocol / NEPs Second Thursday
Developer Tooling Third Thursday
Data Platform Last Thursday

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