Engineering Weekly Update - WE 2022-06-25

Brief Summary :mega:

  • REST API server concept created to provide developers with common use case API endpoints without needed to build their own indexing solution.
  • MVP of ABI generation created to help developers understand how to interface with contracts deployed on NEAR.
  • workspaces-rs v0.3.1 released fixing RPC timeouts, added a raw bytes API, and fixed multiple sandbox creation.
  • Short update this week as teams prioritized writing code rather than writing updates before an org wide week off. (July 4th - 8th) :palm_tree:

Results :muscle:

Call for Action :speech_balloon:

Developer Console / Explorer July community meeting rescheduled to Tuesday July 12th as NEAR takes an org-wide week off for Summer Wellness :man_in_lotus_position: (July 4th - 8th)

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Team / Topic When?
Developer Console / Explorer First Thursday
Protocol / NEPs Second Thursday
Developer Tooling Third Thursday
Data Platform Last Thursday

Full Reports :chart_with_upwards_trend:

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