The Sandbox AstroDAO Guide for Claiming Rewards

Dear Sandboxers and NEARians,

As of November 2021 all rewards for your contributions will be paid out through the Sandbox AstroDAO. This change is entirely in line with the core values of the NEAR Ecosystem: transparency and decentralization.

Creating a proposal through the NEAR Forum is possible between 20th and 25th of each month (If you submit your forum post after 25th, it will be reviewed during the next payout period).

Simply put, you will have to create a post on NEAR governance forum where you describe all of your achievements, calculate your rewards based on the rolling opportunities list (or mention the reward in USD agreed on with the project/guild if you were working with one) (step 1), contact one of the Sandbox moderators to confirm (step 2) and submit your proposal to the Sandbox AstroDAO (step 3).

Below you will find the detailed instructions on each step.

Step 0: Create an account on NEAR governance forum

Step 0,5: :slight_smile: Fill in the contributor’s profile form on our Discord: Contributor Form

Step 1: Forum application period : 20th - 25th

Create a report on NEAR governance forum

  • Describe all tasks you have completed and you wish to claim the reward for. Start by clicking on the grey label “+New Topic’’

Always use the following format for your posts:

[Title] → “Sandbox [Relevant month] Reward Claim of [Your discord handle] [Your NEAR Wallet]”

**IMPORTANT: do not forget to mention 1. your discord handle in the title of the post! 2. Relevant month between [ ] for which the reward is being claimed!

[Uncategorized] → Choose “Open Web Sandbox” category
[Optional tags] → Choose "sandbox”, “daos”, “bounty”
[Main body] → This is where you describe your contributions in the following format:

  1. Is it an act or series?
  2. Type of Activity
    Choosing from the categories of the current rolling opportunities list (Content creation, Promotion: Social media NEAR Force, Content translation and subtitles, Sandbox Referral Programme, Vectors and Outreach)
  3. Briefly describe the activity (act or series or both)
  4. Provide the link to the end result
  5. Mention the relevant name of the project or guild (if the act or series was specifically posted by a project or a guild)
  6. Estimate your reward accounting for all the activities (acts or series or both) you have completed. This has to be in accordance with the rolling opportunities list.

*Note: If you are applying for several rewards, please describe every single act/series in this post and make sure ALL of the calculations are included here and backed up by the rolling opportunities list.

  • Click “+Create Topic”

Step 2: Contact a Sandbox Moderator: till 25th of each month

Send the link to your forum post to one of the following moderators ( @Esquosi (on discord), @vrdoingthings#8824, @Monish016#0502, @William X#7697, @FritzWagner#6722, @p0k#9522 ) on Sandbox Discord server for a review. At the end of the review period on 30th or 31st, an excel sheet with all the approved proposals will be posted on discord with converted rates (USD to NEAR). Once you find your approved proposal in the file with the final reward converted to NEAR, you may create a proposal on the Sandbox AstroDAO .

Step 3: Create a proposal on the Sandbox AstroDAO

1th - 3th (deadline midnight CET) of the following month

After all the approved proposals are posted in the excel file (30th or 31st), you will have 3 days to create your proposal on AstroDAO with the approved amount. On 31st we do a conversion from USD to $NEAR taking a 7 day average (between 25-31st) of the concerned month.

  • Sign in using your NEAR Wallet Account.

If you do not have one yet, check out this:

  • Put in the NEAR amount you are requesting (must match the amount on our document) in the Token box.

  • Put in your NEAR Wallet name in the Send to box.

  • Use this template to fill in the Details box: [Your Discord handle], [Moderator handle]

  • Put in your Forum Post link in the External URL box.

*Note: Submitting a proposal to the Sandbox AstroDAO requires a bond (held until vote passes) of 0.1 NEAR. After the proposal has been submitted, council members of the Sandbox AstroDAO are able to vote “yes” or “no” on the proposal. The bond is returned to the proposer upon the successful approval of a proposal (this bond is used to deter spam proposals). In case of a rejection of the proposal, bond will not be returned to the proposer. Therefore, it is in your best interest to get the confirmation from the Sandbox moderator before you submit your proposal to the Sandbox AstroDAO.

  • Finally, submit your proposal and expect your reward to be paid out on by midnight of the 5th at latest.

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