The Ongoing Process of Legalization of Near Protocol Nigeria(NPK Guild)

Near Protocol Nigeria(NPK Guild) has decided to become a legal entity, this is crucial to our planned activities and to achieve the goals the guild has set and will also aid in getting people onboard with the web3 ideology of Near. This will also enhance our credibility and make the guild to have easier access to future partnerships.


This is just awesome


Nice. This is amazing😊


Finally, just can’t wait. Hoping for a favourable response from the worldwide team. #superb


Been a legal entity will ease our affairs within the geographical boundaries of Nigeria. And this was a ery big step the whole team decided to take. Kudos everyone


Looking forward to see this amazing achievement to Near protocol Nigeria


It’s a great movement to see NEARProtocolNG as a legal entity especially to the community


Wow, it’s great. Probably, @LegalGuild can help you with some legal questions if you need.


Interesting move, @Khady. What would this mean in terms of daily operations? What changes? Which city are you setting up operations in?

Also, as @Dacha mentioned, please feel free to reach out to Legal Guild if you have any questions or need any help.


This is absolutely superb,I know Nearprotocol nigeria becoming a legal entity will definitely ensure fast adoption of Nearprotocol all over different states of nigeria

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I think this will be needed to fine tune all legal process favourable to both NEAR and Nigeria @Khady

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Exactly one of the catch. Because being a legal entity will make the community realized more important of NPK Guild towards them. Also it will help bridge the gap between the Guild and some government personels towards good understanding and smooth running of operations and task


Issues that lead to this move

  1. After much deliberation within the team and some external advisers including some challenges we faced in our preparation towards the metabuild Hacknode hosted here in Nigeria and the way forward it was brought to our attention that if we wanted to be accepted by education institutions in terms of hosting events and workshops it will be easier if we were a registered entity

  2. we discovered the Entire cryptosphere in Nigeria even though its decentralized still as a lot of government impacts especially when it comes to the Financial aspect of the use blockchain so way forward as people get to know about Nearprotocol through our various activities many will be attracted especially Financial investors before even developers take interest in NEAR

  3. The type of system Nigeria operates as seen people wishing to know the authentication of a particular platform especially when it is just a subset of a major international organisation so anyone can claim to be who they are not so we decided to take this ground to show to Nigeria as a whole that NEARPROTOCOL is aware of Nigeria constitution and will abide by it in any of its transactions it has with its populace

  4. To foster a very good relationship between heads of technical institutions and Nearprotocol Nigeria and this will enable us to have groups in schools focused on what NEAR is all about

  5. Planing on having physical offices in various regions in Nigeria as we progress.

In terms of daily operations

  1. it increases the scope and extent of reach in terms of quality and quantity of activities to be done in Nigeria

  2. Establish Nearprotocol as a part of the increasing Nigeria cryptosphere

  3. Foster partnership especially with government bodies

What changes

  1. Nearprotocol Nigeria will be a legal entity in Nigeria

  2. participation in government events in terms of technology discussions that can help Nigerians

  3. Increase in scope of activity as we would work as a legalised entity

First city of operation

Our base of operation won’t affect our planned up activities in terms of various regions in Nigeria as we plan on setting up sub-guilds who will be a complete team consisting of developers, marketers, content creators etc. Our first base will be in the North East of Nigeria Kano state then based on resources we would establish our next based in the capital city of Nigeria that is Abuja , enter South West targeting Lagos state , South South Rivers state and many more as Nearprotocol Nigeria becomes an entity of its self


Amazing, this is a nice move from you guys. I love to see this, having an office will make it more interesting to those reluctant about the project. They will wanna engage more into Nearprotocol.


We are happy to help. Please do contact us so we can further discuss this.
Our form for requests.

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This is awesome . absolutely great :heart::heart::heart:

Fantastic. Methodical planning …can’t wait to see

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It is already completed, check out our November summary of activities

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Will do that. Hope to learn more and see opportunities to create more NEAR based value streams