This is to announce to the entire NEAR community that the near Nigeria website is live and fully functioning. Website

Through this website we have concluded the legal process here in Nigeria and Nearprotocol activities can go on in Nigeria without the interupution of the government as long as it is within the legal jurisdiction of Nigeria.

Via this website the following will be made possible.

  1. Establishment of our presence in Nigeria
  2. Establishment of partnerships
  3. onboarding of people and projects unto near
  4. creation of sub-special courses and series for both developers and creative
  5. Marketing for Near related events here in Nigeria
  6. Latest news in relation to NEAR, blockchain and Nigeria.
  7. Assess to educational contents and translations to Nigerians.
  8. Direct access to the learn developers courses and near university
  9. secured access to various blockchain events here in Nigeria.
  10. Direct Live feed to NPKGUILD events
  11. access to various Bounties and other promotional activities.
  12. Direct access to near Nigeria communities and near communities

Funds for creation wasn’t proposed for by the guild but by contributions of members of the guild as it deemed fit to do this as soon as possible.

We want to thank the NEAR TEAM and the Community


This is the greatest achievement to the near protocol Nigeria and Near in general. A user can now easily access and contact the near protocol Nigeria for possible partnership, educational and other marketing aspects

This is a great development, nice work NPK Guild.

Ths is awesome. NPK Guild are doing great. Congratulations on launching your website :full_moon::sparkles::tada: