The Guilds Platform Advisory Group

TLDR; Please read this post by @shreyas for context. As we take quantum leaps together as an Ecosystem, we are feeling a pressing need to build better solutions that will cater to the needs of our diverse, active, passionate and ever-growing community. We are committed to building the most robust Community infrastructure in the space and understand that it will require the coalescence of several components. One of the most important components in that regard is the Guilds Platform - which will serve not only as an on-chain onboarding ramp but also as a one-stop information tool for our guilds.

The platform is being developed by a group of community contributors - the very talented NEAR Hispano Dev Team, led by @cloudmex-alan.

To help shape the direction of the platform’s development by providing community feedback and insights and making the whole process as community-driven as possible, we have identified and assembled the Guilds Platform Advisory Group - comprising of four community leaders, each of whom have made remarkable contributions and shown true dedication towards building our community:

@Sofia_Alum - Co-lead, Open Web Sandbox
@ALuhning - Founder, Catalyst; Vital Point AI
@cloudmex-alan - NEAR Hispano Dev Team
@vandal - Founder, DAO Records; NxM; VanDAO

Astro DAO Address: guilds-platform-advisory-group.sputnik-dao.near

We are grateful to each of them as we look forward to them driving the discourse and development around the Guilds Platform with their invaluable contributions :grinning: