The Auction DAO - Looking for Outreaching and Marketing Support

Hey NEAR Fam,
The Auction DAO is Looking for two outreach & Marketing Nearians. The whole idea is to kickstart and create a sustainable NFT ecosystem on NEAR with The Auction - Secondary NFT Marketplace on NEAR.

The Auction DAO Would love to collaborate with the existing and upcoming NEAR NFT Projects & Marketplaces to create a sustainable NFT ecosystem with mutually beneficial terms through AMAs, Fundraising Auctions, and Incubating new NFT Projects, and more.

The Outreach and Marketing Nearians should be able to reach the New and exciting NFT Projects and marketplaces to The Auction DAO.


  • outreach to NEAR NFT Projects
  • Hype all The Auction listed projects and NFTs
  • create ways to collaborate with NFT Projects
  • Identify potential partnerships and bring them to the auction


  • Sound knowledge of NFT and Near ecosystem
  • Strong Twitter activity
  • Good Communication knowledge
  • Previous Marketing experience

Rewards: 200$ in near to each Nearian per month.

Feel free to show your interest in the comment below


Good day
I am tony a $near influencer, a community builder and a digital artist.
I am interested in this opportunity

I am currently a member of different stores on mintbase filled with over 124 artist that tends to use their artwork income to donate to the store’s objectives. I can reach out to these stores to use your platform for more exposure and engagements and I can also reach out to many other projects on paras as I am in most of their groups/discord and also their alpha support group on twitter where I can reach out more effectively.

I am also very active on twitter and have a very good knowledge about the $Near ecosystem.

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I am interested but I don’t have any marketing experience. But I can assure you that I will do my best.

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Hello I’m Ayomide Near protocol lover and influencer… a community builder… I’m interested in this Opportunity … if my application is granted I promise to put up my best … :heart:

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I’m interested in this,
I have a very strong knowledge of Near Protocol, I have managed NFT community and I have great knowledge about NFT and marketing… I will do greatly if I’m chosen. I have twitter account with over 1k followers, and I worked as an ex degen.

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Hello Building Spirit
Cheers to the Near Community
Near Community

Let me introduce myself;

Name : Rikho Putra Setiawan
Country : Indonesian
Age : 22 Years
Education : Bachelor of Law

Responding to an author, that I am interested in something related to the article above, as for the thing that can make me interested is a project that is related to NFT, Marketing, and Long-Term Projects.

With pleasure and enthusiasm, I am interested to be a part of the project undertaken by the author above.

The thing that adds to being able to accept me is that I have been active on twitter for 2 years, on discord for 1 year, in the NFT field for 1 year and specifically for NFT Near, I have been active for 5 months.

Maybe the above can be considered to accept me as a part of you.

Yours faithfully

Rikho Putra Setiawan

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Hello! I work within the NEAR ecosystem and am also an active Nearian amongst twitter.

I have experience working directly with blockchain based projects on NEAR,
SOL, BNB, and others. I love being apart of the NEAR ecosystem, it has an
incredibly close community and it is always bustling with news and information.
I have a good fundamental understanding of the technological and also communal
aspects of blockchain projects including NFT marketplaces. I would love the chance
to help out with this role as I have done each one of these aspects within my own
work. Best wishes to everyone, the future is NEAR.


The Open Web Sand Box
Dear Sir/madam
Sub- to register for outreach & Marketing Nearians position
I Wish to Join the out reaching and marketing Position in near . and l had experience with that . and also i have good communication skills and Strong twitter activity So i have experience with previous marketing thats why i applied please grant my application.
Thanking you,
17-07-2022 (Applicant)

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Good day Sir Monish,

Greetings Nearians :raised_hands:, I would like to apply for Outreach Marketing Nearians. This is my 1st time application being submitted here and looking forward to be part of the team. :hugs:


  • I been here in Near Ecosystem since last year of December 2021.
  • I have Knowledge in NFT and NEAR Ecosystem and different crypto currency. DeFi, DAPPS , Decentralized, Centralized and Crypto Trading and Crypto Investment Trading.
  • I beleive i dont have a 1k followers and my english is only basics but willing to give my best shots being in the team.
  • My previous Marketing and still active is in NMD,NNC and Sender Wallet Group.
  • I handled groups, community and some groups reports ,gaming events, planner events and assisting collaboration inquiries from different NFT Projects.

You can check out my Bio Introduction Profile here and some of my Media Handles :

Thank you and Congrats in advance to others. :hugs:


To the councils of The Auction DAO,good day.I’d like to apply for the position of outreach and marketing in your DAO.

I’m mido4bs.near. I’m a researcher in and moderator in F.A.G telegram and discord accounts, and have been recently elected as one of the councils of Filipino Artists Guild.

I started my Near journey last January 2022. As a researcher and moderator of the Filipino Artists Guild, We help accommodate new artists being on-boarded on Near. Here are some of the tasks that we do for the growth of not only our guild but also the entire community :

  • Help new artists in creating their wallets and in minting their Nfts on different Near marketplaces.
  • Secure the guild from scammers and suspicious telegram users by banning them after checking their profile.
  • Host random Twitter spaces to encourage everyone from the community to have confidence in shilling and marketing their NFTs.
  • Partner with different Nft projects for Wl, giveaways, and collaborations.
    -vote on proposals

As a new council in Filipino Artists Guild,I am doing my task responsibly and is making sure that decentralization will be our guild’s top priority.I also make sure that all the activities we have in our guild is well tracked.If ever chosen to be included in the outreach team, I will make sure to do the responsibility to the best that I can and to offer the people the service they deserved.Thank you

Here are my sns accounts and Near wallet:


Telegram: @midoforbes

Discord: Mido#8769

Near wallet: mido4bs.near

Above are the Screenshots of the twitter space I hosted as well as the one that I co-hosted with.Thank you so much.I hope you consider my application.Have a nice day​:blush:


Hello Team “The Auction Dao”.

I am SG one of the councils of Filipino Artist Guild, before I am added as council, I am handling the guild’s twitter spaces, scambuster (security safety) of the guild, alpha hunter, hype train creator to build hype on each and every project that we have on the guild including other collaboration.

I have a sound knowledge with NFT and Near ecosystem. I am a fast learner, I easily adapt to change and I am a team player.

One of the notable achievements that I have pertaining to “The Auction DAO” is when I spearheaded the participation of the guild in the event where we are able to create 26 entries with 20+ bids each.


I hope the team can consider my application. Looking forward to talk to you soon!



Hey. Hi. Please… The reward offered is for how many hours expected of work per month? Tnx.


i am very interested in this role, i have a sound knowledge of nft and a relatively sound knowledge of the near ecosystem.

i’m active on twitter with a minimum of 15k impressions monthly.

i am aware of some new collections coming up and if chosen i can come up with ideas i can share with the auction and them.

in a previous role i was an opportunity and sales person at a media stop shop.

i am willing to learn some more for this role if i am selected.


To the councils of The Auction DAO, I would like to apply for Outreach Marketing Nearians.

I’m Huihui. I’m a researcher, content creator, and community builder in Near ecosystem


  • I have been here in Near Ecosystem since May 2021 so I have knowledge of NFT projects and marketplace in the NEAR Ecosystem.
  • I have a Twitter account with 800+ active followers (
  • My previous Marketing was Near Insider, Flying Rhino Marketing.

Hope to be a part of your team

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