[Introduction] The Auction DAO

Guild Name: The Auction DAO

DAO: the-auction.sputnik-dao.near

Council Members:

@chloe @Monish016 @VickyPlashevska @Anatolii Petrovskyi

The Auction DAO

The Auction is the secondary NFT Marketplace Built on NEAR where the true value of digital assets is discovered through auctions, The Auctions are through the Simple English Type Auctions, Where you can List their NFTs from any of the Primary Marketplace to The Auction Platform itself.

The Auction DAO seeks to Bring out Community Engagement within the NEAR Community Through Activities like Collab, Community Growth Etc.,


The Auction DAO plays as a vehicle to Bridge between Communities Through Community Building And Community Growth through the Auction Platform


  • The Auction Collaboration with the Creatives DAO Community DAOs/ Guilds
  • Educating Creatives Community about Minting, Listing, and finally auctioning.
  • Create Bounties for the Community
  • Collecting Creatives Community DAOs NFTs
  • DAO/DAO Collaboration

DAO Link: Astro

Linktree: The Auction | Linktree


Sounds epic fam, I was opportune to get a few details from the @Auction.io Twitter space and hoping to learn more about the auction DAO roadmap for my community benefit.


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I love this idea :slight_smile:

maybe our nomadelabel colleges also interested @pinkalsky @loveletterexe @gushlewis

We could organize some live auction events… it will be a thing!

Thanks Monish Chloe and the others from the team