Thank You Creatives DAO and people

With excitement in my heart, It was my first time experience talking on the Creatives DAO Chat last night, I was a little bit shy :see_no_evil:, But I feel glad for the acceptance of #Family DAO which Is actually my idea into this ecosystem :sparkling_heart: Introduction To Famliy DAO :sparkling_heart:
Thank you Sterryo for on-boarding me and putting me through all this while
thanks to Family DAO Team @bgem @EVELYN
Our Parents have most African History we never heard, The secrets we never new, gonna be bring them on the blockchain and make a treasures out of it. And I Promise more exciting things will come from The different families we are visiting weekly :sparkling_heart: Thank you


:joy::joy::joy::joy: you’re welcome. And Can wait to the great activities with same energy!